[APAC] 72h only! Exchange crypto over US$50 and get US$10 in WXT

It been payed?

I’m not received

Why has this still not been paid? I keep updating my support ticket and keep getting told to wait… I think I’ve waited long enough by now?

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Please create aticket sir if you didnt recieve the rewards youve expected. Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone


I’ve created a ticket already and keep getting told to wait, even over 1.5 months after opening it.

Hello there @dmcardle , I’m sorry that you are experiencing this delay. Can you please share your latest ticket reference or send me a private message so that I can assist you further please? Thank uoi

Hello there @Oleg_Levchuk , can I know have you create a support ticket for this? Thank you

I have sent you a PM

Yes I’m created it. But nobody can’t understand me that this promotion was for exchange from euro to crypto and from crypto to euro. I received only 50% of reward don’t k ow why. I received 252k wxt but must receive more than 500k

I want that all my transaction was recounted or say me that it was to much so you pay me less…


And the problem that 2^ exchange promotion and 3^ exchange promotion of august was payed in o e transaction.

Hello there @Oleg_Levchuk , thanks for sharing. I will chase it up with the support team. They will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you

Still nothing lol