[APAC] Earn up to 16% AER with X-Accounts & meet your goals faster

Want to check off those big life goals?

With their competition-crushing interest rates, X-Accounts help you meet your goals faster. You can earn 12% AER on your traditional currency, or as much as 16% if you choose to be paid in WXT!

You can withdraw your funds at any time, but the longer you leave them in, the closer you’ll get to checking off those big life goals.

Open your X-Accounts today to start earning.

Could your house deposit fund use a helping hand?

Check out how much you can earn in 5 years when you deposit €325 per month into your X-accounts house deposit fund.

Can’t put off that new car any longer?

Here’s how much you can earn when you deposit €375 per month into your new car fund X-accounts…


*Read the X-account T&Cs here


Thats awesome now im thinking about buying car :sweat_smile::relaxed::relaxed:

All i have to do is save money on X-accounts


If only I have $1000 :sneezing_face:

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You will soon " Courage my friend.