[APAC] Earn up to US$250 in WXT this February!

No one has received a reward yet :slight_smile:

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Just typicall scam, will report it every where on every blogs

Knock knock, wirex, does anyone work here?

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How can I help you?

Tell me where is my and rest people bonus from february?

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Maybe it’s not processing yet.

Maybe your paycheck won’t be processed on time either huh? F***, this is ridiculous. Why did you guys make the rules and now you’re not living up to them. This is really ridiculous.

Guess thag was wrong cuz its been more than 30 days m8.

hello if there no rewards recieve please create a ticket here

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Any updates, this is well overdue now.

I am wondering the same thing. Nothing has been received.

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Next Day with nothing.

They could have at least sent an email or notification of the delay. I still haven’t had a response to my support ticket even which was sent weeks ago.

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were not :heart:


It’s a no :relaxed:


All the projects failed with not being able to deliver promised bonuses, the community is going to lose confidence and people start to withdraw funds and walk away.


hi there some rewards maybe came late but it will be credited to all of your account once its distributed