[APAC] Grow your salary with X-Accounts

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It’s never too late to start improving your saving habits.

Putting money aside on payday is never easy, but always pays off. Especially if you add your funds to an X-Account.

X-Accounts let you immediately start earning up to 20% AER on select currencies. All you need to do is pick your currencies, open up to 10 X-Accounts, give them their own names and that’s it - you can sit back and watch your savings grow!

Why X-Accounts?

Your money is better off in an X-Account - trust us. They let you:

✓ Earn industry-leading rates of up to 20% AER on selected currencies.

✓ Unlock compound interest when you choose to earn in kind.

✓ Get paid weekly.

✓ Pay zero fees for account set up, maintenance or withdrawals.

✓ Take control of your funds by moving or withdrawing them at any time.

✓ Enjoy the ultimate flexibility, with no minimum amount or fixed term.

✓ Open up to 10 X-Accounts at a time in currencies of your choice.

✓ Save with peace of mind thanks to robust security and anti-fraud protection.
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