[APAC] Now live: multi-blockchain support!

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We’ve enabled multi-chain support for these stablecoins!

There’s no denying it, our stablecoin game has been strong recently. Just this year, we’ve welcomed multiple new ones to the Wirex app – including none other than Nereus’s fully collateralised NXUSD – and added Avalanche support for three of your favourites.

Today, we’ve got yet more good news for stablecoin fans – we’ve now enabled multi-blockchain support for the following tokens: USDT, USDC, DAI and BUSD!

Multi-chain support means faster transactions, lower fees and easier access to all the benefits of DeFi. Check out which coins are supported by which blockchains below:

If you spotted any unfamiliar faces in the crowd, you’re not imagining it – read on for our second piece of news…

BUSD now live in the Wirex app!

We haven’t just added chains, we’ve added a new stablecoin! You’ll now find BUSD in the Wirex app, available to buy and exchange at market-leading OTC rates or move between Wirex and external wallets.

Want to see what it’s all about? Add it to your portfolio today!

Here’s how to send it to your Wirex account from an external wallet:

  1. Select the currency account you want to add funds to.

  2. Tap Add Funds.

  3. Select On-chain deposit. You’ll see your crypto address and QR code, which you can copy, scan or share.

  4. That’s it - once the transaction has been made, you’ll receive funds to your chosen address!



This is great and a very welcomed addition !


“Multi-blockchain support” suggests both deposits and withdrawals support multiple blockchains… but this seems to be the case only for deposits?

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Wirex will add more chains and coins for deposit and withdrawal. thanks guys

Hello just a question im trying to withdraw usdt trc20 but the chain is not in the option?
Is it only for deposit?


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Hi there @Rachonline what region are you in? I just want to confirm it’s APAC. Thanks

I am from Philippines


mag Xrp ka nalang po madam or Avax cchain :slight_smile:

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