[APAC] Simply the best: buy and exchange crypto at the best market rates

At Wirex, we offer the lowest fees on the market for buying and exchanging crypto: just 1% for crypto buys.

How do we know that ours are the best (and better than all the rest)? Well, let’s take a peek at our rates compared to our competitors’.

The results speak for themselves. While our competitors charge 3-4% in fees, we pride ourselves on offering just 1% for crypto buys. We’d say that’s a win, wouldn’t you?

Buy and exchange your favourite crypto, knowing that you’ve got the best deal.



It seems the exchange fee is silently increased from 1% to 2% now … :laughing:

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It really should be fee free when buying WXT. They could charge a fee if we send it to another exchange or wallet. But buying and holding WXT on Wirex needs to be fee free