[APAC] Struggling to save? Earn when you save with Wirex

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Saving isn’t easy, whether you’re doing it for a fancy holiday, a new home or just a big night out on the town.

Luckily, Wirex makes saving a breeze. That’s because you can earn as much as 4% or even 6% on your WXT balance every year just by upgrading to the Premium or Elite plan.

So, wave goodbye to your piggybank and savings jar – we’ve got you covered. Pick a price plan and start earning your Savings Bonus today!

How much can you earn?

Here’s how much you could earn each year, based on average savings. The more you HODL, the more you get!

Singapore – 30,309 WXT

Australia – 22,879 WXT

Hong Kong – 53,504 WXT

EEA – 6,999 WXT



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