[APAC] The 7.7 mid-year sale: Earn up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards!

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Start moving things from your wishlist to your basket – the 7.7 sales are on!

Whether you’ve been eyeing up the latest tech trends or fantasising about fashion, today’s the day to treat yourself.

Don’t forget, your Wirex card gives you an extra reward on top of all the deals and discounts – up to 8% in WXT, in fact!

Start shopping and claim your Cryptoback™ rewards now!

7.7 Visa offer: Shopee

New to Shopee? We’ve got a welcome offer for you. Buy anything on the app using your Wirex card and you’ll get a whooping SG$12 off!

Don’t forget to rack up the Cryptoback™ rewards while you’re at it!

How do I get 8% back on my 7.7 spends?

Won’t settle for anything less than 8% Cryptoback™ rewards? We feel you.

Unlocking the top rate is easy. Once you’ve upgraded to the Elite plan in-app, all you’ve got to do is lock your WXT. Follow these simple steps to get started: