[APAC] Which token will win the Crypto Dragon Boat Festival?

If you’re not busy racing a boat, balancing an egg on its end at noon or eating sticky rice dumplings this Dragon Boat Festival, we know something else you can do.

Check out the crypto race! Just like dragon boats, your favourite tokens are all competing to take the lead. But which one will come out on top this time?

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So, which crypto dragon boat looks like a winner to you?


This one will surely win… right? BTC might be the OG, but does it have what it takes to keep up with all these fresh-faced newbies?


ETH has plenty of supporters and certainly knows its sport – but is that enough to get it over the finish line first?


XSGD might be new to the crypto dragon boat race, but could it be a dark horse? We think it’s one to watch!


MATIC knows a thing or two about high speeds. And if boat races are in any way the same as blockchain transactions, it might just impress you.


Move aside, MATIC, because “blazingly fast” AVAX has arrived! It’s got a focus on speed and is pretty used to rising to the top.


WXT is a winner through and through. This powerful boat has countless strings to its bow and an ever-growing fanbase. Go WXT! Not that we’re biased or anything…


USDT was the first fiat-pegged stablecoin and is now eyeing first place in the crypto dragon boat race. Will it be successful? You’d better watch and find out!


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$WXT :heart: Lezz go