APAC Wirex account and card

Hey Community,

Just wanted to share some feedback.
I have the APAC account and travel money card.
I recently traveled to Dubai, and wanted to just jump in the deep end, so I didn’t exchange any cash or take anything with me for payments aside from my Wirex card.
(In Australia I use it as my full time transaction card)
I topped up AUD2000 and set off to Dubai.
From getting off the plane - I bought my local SIM card (Virgin Mobile) with my wirex card in the airport. All worked fantastic, plus got my cryptoback.
From there on, I used it for Taxis, private cars, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cafes for coffee, shopping at Dubai Mall… everywhere, tap n pay, larger transactions chip and pin.

The FX rates from my AUD balance paying in AED (local currency) were nothing short of exceptional and pretty much spot on to the rates on XE. This saved me a lot of money as travel cards from banks have terrible FX rates and fees.
Last trip to Mexico I had a bank issued travel money card and lost 7c per $1AUD buying USD and lost again exchanging my balance to AUD when I got home - total loss of 13-15% per $1, that added up to a lot of money lost for using a bank travel money card…

To sum up my experience, this is the only card I will ever use for traveling and for local spending, I was never charged any fees for any of my fiat transactions and it worked everywhere, plus I got all my cryptoback rewards.

Solid 5 stars.
Thanks for the great product, I always believe in giving feedback on products, good or bad, and this was a great experience all round.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us @Robert_Varkevisser! :blush: We really appreciate your feedback, and will continue to build products and services to make your travels that much easier!


Hi. My card is in Euro. When i pay in local currency i get commisioned and taking in consideration that i have 100k wxt i think doesn’t matter.

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That’s a brilliant review, thank you for explaining so well! :slight_smile:

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It will be much better if the card can transfer back and from a local bank

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How do you get a travel card? Is this just the same as the normal card I use to GBP? I thought you needed a different card for each different currency is this not the case? @Jenny_Wirex @Robert_Varkevisser

Can someone explain it to me so I can use it for the same travel trips

Hey, your one wirex card works :slight_smile:
It allows for purchase in all currencies and has an amazing forex rate, better than any travel card from a bank …
just load it up with your fiat currency and you’re good :call_me_hand:

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I will have to give it a go, how comes if you go to Europe you need a separate card? Is this not the case for other countries?