April double wirex rewards, are the limits doubled too?

I note the new offer doubling rewards for April. Are the per transaction and monthly limits also doubled. I am a preimum customer, so my levels are normally 3000 WXT per month and 750 per transaction. Are these now double during April ?

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According to the Terms & Conditions, the limits are not doubled, only Cryptoback ™ rewards:

This can be a good idea when Wirex offers promotions like this, provided it is legally possible.

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the terms do not say the limits are not doubled, the terms don’t refer to the limits at all. Given the card spend limits keep on changing without telling anyone, and the reward limits were imposed without telling anyone, the fact that we have not been told about the limits increasing during the promotion is no indication that the limits have not been changed, hence the question.

also is a promotion of double crypto that does not enable double to be earned at the end of the month, really a double crypto prom ?

If nothing is said about the limits, it means that they are not doubled.
Here are the current limits:

Yes. You will earn double Cryptoback™ rewards. In your case with a Premium plan, this month you would get 2% rewards (instead 1%) in store & online (equivalent to the Elite plan all year round).

I hope this will have answered your questions.

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if I am currently hitting the monthly limit, then it is not double, I’ll just hit the limit earlier in the month and get nothing extra at all.

The limit for a premium user is 3000 wxt a month. If someone is spending ÂŁ3000 a month, then @1% the limit is hit at ÂŁ3000. @ 2% limit is hit @ ÂŁ1500. On the remaining spend, nothing is earned. In both cases the user ends the month with 3000 wrt. No extra WRT have been earned during the promotion. Without doubling the limit during the promo, the promo means nothing to high spending users.

Are you a wirex employee ?


The promotion offers “only” double Cryptoback™ rewards. Even if the limits are not doubled, your rewards are doubled. Which means that even if you get 3000 WXT in total, you will have to buy less to hit that usual reward limit.

I am not an employee at Wirex, but if you wish, you can expect a response from thhe @moderator team.

Thank you for your understanding.

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but If I buy this month the same as last month, i.e. ÂŁ3000, I still only get the same 3000 as last time. I get no more wxt. I may get more wrt for the initial purchase, but I will then get NO wrt for the rest of the purchases.

As i said, for people using the card a lot, it is not a double promotion, unless the limits are double. Heavy spenders are not getting any advantage from the promotion, in fact they are being incentivised to stop using the card once they hit the limit and moved to a different card that gets them some points/ cashback,

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I just spent ÂŁ249 in a store. The crypto I received was 273 WRT. I am a premium member. Should I not be getting twice that amount during the april promo ?

It’s strange. I advise you to contact support directly because it is probably a bug (my plan is Premium and I get 2%).

Please create your support ticket here by selecting “Wirex X-tras”:

Keep us informed. :+1:

I reported it via chat. Chat person clearly did not know about the April promo, telling me 1% was what I was supposed to get, even after I mentioned the promo.

I had to send a screencap of the promo, and then all he could say was “thanks for the clarification, I’ve created a ticket”. It appears that the chat team can not actually resolve any issues, anything that can not be explained results in a ticket. wirex would be better if they empowered their chat team with the ability to do stuff, at the moment it’s just ticket after ticket…and wait…and wait.

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Hello @tangey, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

I have just escalated your request to our Support Team and they will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

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The April double offer doesn’t work. I just spent £39 and got 93wxt which is 0.79p. This is my normal 2% and not the promised 4%.

Oh dear, anybody else or just me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I was advised that the promo does not apply to UK accounts, this information was not given in the promotional graphic, and clicking on the t&c on that graphic also did not give that information.

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As far as I know it does. I received an email informing me.

Well i queried it, and the support ticket reply said:-

Let me inform you that the promotion is available for EEA & APAC users. Unfortunately, the double Cryptoback will not be credited for UK users.

Well that is something else for FCA/Ombudsman to look into.

About as misleading as it gets.

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Dear @JB6241 and @tangey,

Please, check the following link: Get double Cryptoback™ rewards this April!

Verified Cardholders are defined by the applicable Wirex Terms and Conditions in the EEA (European Economic Area ) region and Terms and Conditions in Asia Pacific (APAC) region (“Eligible Participants”). For the avoidance of doubt, no other Users of the Wirex Platform are eligible to participate in this Promotion.