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We’re thinking of hosting a series of AMAs, but we want to know who you’d like to hear from first!

Our Co-Founders? Development Team? Business Team? Marketing Team? Design Team?

Let us know below and we’ll make this happen!

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is there any plan to provide API services?

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Hi guys,

I really like your service and the community that you have created! Big kudos to the entire team!

I was wondering if you can share the name of the theme you have used for this platform(discourse)/forum? If it’s a custom CSS, will you be able to share it with me. I really enjoy the layout and want to implement it on my personal blog.

Thanks in advance!


this would be great to have: API services
. first version could only have: 1) current balance on all accounts and 2) activity list on cards, rewards. so, just read only support by means of a private key. this would be great to have, with minimal risk, regarding competition.


your app are not found at the google play store, please fix this. Thx

I’m Korean.
I tried Korean ID and Korean driver’s license to get ID verification. Both failed.
As far as I know, Koreans can only do it through their passports.
I wonder when Koreans will be able to verify their identity through ID and driver’s license.

Hi @Jenny_Wirex,
2 questions :

  1. Any way to raise the ATM daily withdrawal amount ? 250 euros is not enough above all when you know that is €2.75 fee / withdrawal and €1.20 fee / month.
  2. When will we be able to withdraw funds from CARD -> BANK ACCOUNT by SEPA BANK TRANSFER.