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Seriously Wirex,
it’s impossible to send BTC to another wallet. Each time an error message appears.
This is ridiculous.

Does anyone have tried to ever buy BTC on Blockchain with Visa Wirex Card ? It doesn’t work for me.
There are many problems that Wirex can’t solve or what ?

  • I can’t deposit anymore with my Wirex Visa on any gambling site,
  • I can’t sent BTC from Wirex to an external wallet => i was forced to convert EUR->BTC and then again BTC->EUR and lost a ton of money,
  • I can’t buy BTC on another websites like Blockchain.
    Seriously, what’s wrong with the app or the Visa Card ?

Hi Frankie, I read the above. Please can you tell me if you have created a support ticket for this?

Thank you

Can anyone help as Wirex have not got back to me. I’ve been with Wirex a couple of years and have had no issues. Out of the blue I get an email to say my account has been closed and a reason cannot be given. Only last week I was told I qualified for a Wirex Mastercard and it was on its way to me. I can’t get access to my assets and I can’t get hold of anyone. Is anyone able to help/advise?

Hello there, @GeeGee , please can you send me a direct message so that I can provide you further assist ? Thank you

Dear CheinChein

For some reason my wirex account has been closed. The wirex team said they couldn’t give me an explanation. I had adhered to all there requests and have not had any trouble with them. Only last week I was told by wirex that o had qualified for a Wirex Mastercard and it would be on it’s way. I cannot get access to my assets/money and I haven’t heard back from the support team. They asked me for my bank account and sort code so they could refund me the money into my bank account in the original email which said my account had been closed but I still haven’t received anything. This is very distressing and disappointing too.

Hello there @GeeGee , thank you for your clear explanation. Please kindly click on my profile and click on the ‘Message’ button to send me a private message, so that I can assist you further without exposing your personal information. Thank you

Dear Wirex, i’ve just received your Mastercard. Once i activated it, the Visa was automatically locked.
It is normal ? We must destroy it ?
Last question : i don’t see the way to add funds to my newly activated Mastercard. I’ve money on my “EUR WIREX ACCOUNT” but don’t see how to transfer funds from the “EUR account” to the Wirex Mastercard.

I have an active mastercard card, and the linked accounts appear. I have gone to pay at different establishments and have been denied, is the same thing happening to someone else?


Hello there @OhFrankie , the VISA card will not able to use after the 16th March, and the funds in your EUR account will move over to the new Mastercard.

Before with the old card there were two accounts. 1. current account 2. card account. Now, the new Mastercard, there will only be one account.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you

Hi there @WorldbtcSpain , you simply tap on the card button which is at the bottom right of that screen that you shared. Then tap on “Linked accounts or Account (which is the first option from the screenshot above)”. There you will be able to link your EUR wallet directly to the card. You can also add other currencies like BTC or ETH and the card will deducted the funds (auto-convert ) it when you use the card in-store and online. You can choose which linked account you want your funds to come out of first.

Hope this helps. Thank you

Thanks @ChienChien_Wirex,
i tried for the first time today (with the new Mastercard) to do a deposit on a russian bookmaker and it was declined. The problem comes from Wirex. Some websites look to be blocked by your company.
Do you have some infos/issues concerning this ?

Please could you post a video or explanation of how we put funds in the current account and wire fiat to our own bank accounts?

Hi there @OhFrankie , I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Are you able to please raise a ticket with the Support team via this link:
Thank you so much

Hello there @Snappybob , please kindly follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to the main dashboard
  2. Select accounts (at the top under X-tras)
  3. Choose the wallet you want to add funds to
  4. Once you are in the wallet, click on “add funds” at the bottom left
  5. Enter your desired amount
  6. Confirm

Hope this help :slight_smile:

I have an active mastercard card, and the linked accounts appear. I have gone to pay at different establishments and have been denied, is the same thing happening to someone else?

Hello there @WorldbtcSpain , sorry for asking, can you please help me clarify do you mean you are unable to link your wallet to the card? Thank you

Hi Chien,

I want to wire funds out of my wallet, not into my wallet.

I want to wire the funds out of the wallet into my bank account to pay credit card bills.

Is it possible to withdraw funds from Wirex wallets to place them into a fiat bank account?
Please advise

Hallo! Bei dem neuen Dashboard kenn ich mich noch nicht ganz aus. Früher sah man wie viel Geld auf der Karte war, und bei dem wxt sah man auch wie viel das in € ist.
vielleicht kann man das wieder ändern. Könnt ihr mir da weiter helfen. Danke!