Atm failed withdrawal

Nearly 2 weeks ago I had a failed atm withdrawal of £100 since this wirex have confirmed I didn’t receive the money and still haven’t returned it to my account!I have been patient and all support keep saying is “it is with the relevant team” well I couldn’t care who it’s with I want my money back this is an absolute joke the support channel for wirex is completely shocking I’m starting to really distrust this place, does anybody know any where else I can move my crypto to that offer the same sort of facilities but without all the bulls%#t? Thanks

Hi @danemann1986,

I can see, that the relevant team is still looking into your case. We will contact you once there is an update.

Best wishes!

Is there a time frame?I would imagine something like this is relatively easy to deal with, it’s clear I didn’t receive the funds and wirex know this so I’m wondering why it is now going to take more than 2 weeks to put my money back?if I’m honest I’m fast loosing faith here and I’m tempted to move my money elsewhere

Dear @danemann1986, I apologize that the resolution of your case is taking so much time, but we are doing our best to sort it out as soon as possible.

The point of this delay is such cases are processing by our relevant team manually, therefore, it could take some time.

I have now escalated your case and we will keep you updated via the support ticket with the highest priority.

Warm regards.

Hello still haven’t received my gbp back, 3 weeks now, is this deemed acceptable by wirex just out of curiosity?

Dear @danemann1986, thank you for contacting us.

I have asked the relevant team to update you via ticket.

Kind regards

I have still not received my £100 back from a failed atm withdrawal nobody gets back to me or even explains why it is taking this long when they have already agreed and seen that I didn’t receive my money!how hard is it to give it back!!?this has been a month now and still no worthy explanation it’s like they’ve stolen it and refuse to explain why :rage:

Dear @danemann1986, I am sorry for this unpleasant situation.

This case has been escalated to the relevant team for a detailed investigation. They will contact you via the support ticket directly.

Warm regards.

Nice WIREX “bots”…answers you with the best courtesy to calm you down…in the end still nothing has been done…

Hello @bien_bitin, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Could you please clarify your request?

Thank you in advance!