ATM withdraw got charged twice

so after activating the new mastercard, i made an atm withdraw of 50 euros. today it got charged again and my balance went negative ?? what is going on?

@Ali_Wirex I’m noticing a few posts around the forum re “negative balances” this morning (various topics…), could you investigate and provide a topic answering this directly, please (“Mastercard Known Issues”, perhaps?).
I remember having a similar issue with a MasterCard from another bank a few years back, from memory the odd transaction sorts itself out eventually and is related to remote or “offline” purchases which get processed differently by Mastercard who kinda give you a “credit limit” for such purchases. This might be completely unrelated info, but might help?!
@nnikozz was this a private ATM, as in, a “non-bank” one?

Hi @seth anything that is in the support section here on the forum is handled directly via the support team and I (except for this occasion) do not reply to as I am not a member of the support team nor do I have access to the support system. Therefore the above will be looked at by the team and if there are any updates the team will let the user know directly. In regards to this affecting more people, this should not be the case. But of course, I will flag with the team. Thank you

Hi @nnikozz,

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please let us check if there is an issue with the technical team. We will contact you via the support ticket as soon as there is an update.

Thank you for understanding.

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