ATM withdrawal fee in APAC

I am a user in APAC. I saw the written conditions on your website stated that ‘Starting from August 17: FREE up to 400 SGD per month, 2% thereafter’.

However, that’s not the case. Many of my Wirex friends experienced that the free limit does not count in a monthly basis, but instead it counts the 30 days period only after withdrawing over 400 SGD consecutively. The free limit does not reset to zero each month which means I must spend over 400 SGD and give some fees in order to reset the free limit balance.

I think this is a huge difference in the reality verus the statement you put on the website. A normal user would not expect such difference from what you have written on the website. Please clarify.

Hello Milco, thank you for your request!

Have you created a support ticket for this issue? If no, please create it using the following link:

We will be glad to escalate this for you and check the issue with the relevant department.

Thank you in advance!