Attention! Wirex is an evolute AI

If you want best invest in best.
Wxt need to Wirex to work well…
In case we hold 69m wxt as in this moment Wirex work bad ‘as you see’.
In case we hold 1mld Wirex will work as in your dream.
(like one year past)
There are all that pretend somethings. But you hold wxt to had right?
You all spammer are useless m(utility. T.:cold_face:) for Wirex
There are million of bot that will attack the sistem! :robot:
Let me spam some idea!!
@seth need to impose new standard in report problem. Like in curve. Where is famous chat in app?

Ok, Oleg my dear meerkat buddy, as usual you have posted something that has the potential to be interesting, but, I have literally no idea what you are trying to say?

I’m going to hazard a few guesses that:

  • you think Wirex app is vulnerable to hacks
  • or maybe something about artificial intelligence (IA=AI?)
  • or you have found a better solution for reporting bugs in the software?

Let me know if I’m close? I do enjoy this game… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


All Points. The AI point is more interesting of all.

Just looked at curve, no idea the relevance to the post above (they have good customer support, is that it?), but it looks a very interesting proposition. Trying to work out how the time machine feature physically works, do they not submit debits to your bank for 90 days or do they somehow manage to reverse and remake the transaction? Seems like that could risk fees etc from the connected bank, and what happens in the case of cashback cards and points cards?

It really does just show how far behind Wirex is getting left, however…

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