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Hi, my name is Martin and I just got my card in Australia. Please post here your experiences with card use.
Thank you

Hey Martin, I was part of the beta test group for APAC… what would you like to know in relation to experiences with the card in AU?

Ps - Suncorp is the only atm which doesn’t charge fees to withdraw cash.

Thx for answer. So far I can use Wirex Card for contactless payments but did not use ATM yet. So, you saying other than Suncorp ATM will charge ussual $2.50 fee? Also, I tried to pay for my amaysim mobile plan with card online and it was rejected. Can I pay for instance on Amazon with this card? Another problem I have, I cannot add my MC debit cards from Comm Bank however HSBC card was successfully added. HSBC card is also Visa but Comm Bank cards not. Is this matters?
Thank you for post,

Hey Martin,

So during the beta testing , I found that Suncorp was free for atm withdrawing (zero fee) while all other banks charged you as an international card ($2.50-$7.50 depending on the bank) the most expensive was commbank.

I also have commbank cards- they don’t work I actually moved to ANZ and other banks as Commbank does support any transactions to Wirex or anything crypto related. The problem is Commbank in the equation.
I have a few bank accounts which I tested for linking to top up and commbank was the only one that didn’t work.
ANZ, ING, UP, 86400, HSBC, and Xinja work that I tested.
I predominately use UP for top up and crypto transactions as they are a neo bank and have zero international transaction fees… really good new bank in Australia…

I also had an issue setting up my wirex card on Woolworths mobile systems - I don’t think you can use direct debit systems with the card , it came back as a failed transaction. I think it’s because it’s an internationally issued card (Singapore) My other online purchases seemed to work fine…

Let me know if you need any other help with anything else!

What is the name of this new Bank you mentioned in your reply? Thank you for good info. Yes, I did have the same situation regarding Comm Bank when I tried to deposit on crypto_com. I deposit now mainly from Coinspot and it works in seconds ( depending on crypto coins ). Thanks for the advice regarding ATMs. Happy Easter to you and everyone on this forum !

Hey Martin,
If you want to only top up - UP bank is great.
If you want to top up and buy crypto direct off a platform like crypto_com - 86400 bank works the best for all things.

Only a pleasure, have a great weekend too!

Thanks Robert :slight_smile:

I already applied and my card is on the way. thank you again Robert :+1:


So far, I am using Wirex card for every purchase and card works okay. $750 maximum daily deposit was annoying but I understand where it comes from. As long as the card works fine, life is good :+1::slight_smile: Thank you Wirex for great work. I wish, I knew about Wirex earlier. I opened account with 86400 ( Thanks Robert ) and no problems with deposits. I noticed where it comes to crypto, Visa cards works, MC are rejected by Bank. Does anyone know what is going on with MC blocking crypto purchases ?

Hi my app is not receiving the XRP from my trust wallet

Sometimes it takes a while. I never did have problem sending to Wirex wallet XRPs. I noticed, sometimes perhaps, deposit need to be approved manually by human.