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Bingo…well stated Sir :+1:t5:
For me Wirex; is fast, smooth & is great to use! :pray:t5:


I’ve been using my Wirex card for nearly two months now.

I deposit enough cash to cover me for the day I am using it, to limit my risk.

The fees are more cost effective than the TenX card.

The app is user friendly and overall I’m happy.


That’s the way to go about it :slight_smile:

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How sir I don’t ATM card because I don’t now how to use it I am aljon trillana from my is construction worker


Well, you have to receive Wirex Card first. Than, you just use as any other Credit/Debit card. Same for online payments.

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If you did not receive card, contact Wirex customer service and ask if the card was sent in the first place. It should arrive in 7-10 days.

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Can someone tell me why my deposits are declined. No response from Wirex, very disappointed with them. Also app not working properly. When I trybto go to contact it keeps returning to home screen. Been trying for 2 weeks now.

Hi Brian, my sincere apologies for the experience. Could you please provide me with your reference ticket number? Thank you!

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Thank you for your reply Fadzhana.
Ticket No 1501932.
My deposits via a card for $1500 were declined…
I then made 2 deposits of $500 which were accepted.
Attempts to make any further deposits all declined.
Tried $500 $375 & $100 but no luck.
Had to raise a support ticket from laptop as app does not work. Everytime I try to click on contact it just keeps returning to home screen.
I urgenty need to make a transaction so your help would be greatly appreciated.Also need app to be working. Have uninstalled & reinstalled many times but no luck.
Thank you,

You have to give bit of trust Wirex. It does not work line Bank. I was able to do my first deposit of only $750 AUD and not from all Banks deposits are accepted. If one card is working for you with Wirex, try to load money to this card and try to load more cash after 24 or 48 hours. It should be fine. Another way to fund the card is to deposit crypto if you have acc like . It is easy to deposit money there from any AU bank , get crypto BTC or ETH and send it to Wirex. Money arrive within minutes and you can exchange for cash. Yes, it is bit of hassle but be patient and keep in mind as far as now, Wirex is best crypto working card in Australia. If you try to deposit more than $5000, you may need to prove your address and so on. This is normal and yeah, sometimes they slow but always I get a response within 24 hours. Good Luck with Wirex Adventure and greetings from Perth :slight_smile:

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Also, if you feel you have problem with the application, try to reset cashe. In Android phone this will be : settings/app Settings/Wirex/Storage Usage/clear cashe. If this does not work for you you may clear all data but you will have to enter all your login info. Also make sure your App is updated, some people disable updates and this is creating problems. Above all , be patient with Wirex Staff, they really good resolving your issues. Remember, this is not institution with thousands employees:)

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I do not know what to say to you, Andrew. I think, you must to deposit a very large amount of crypto on the card or have problems proving your address. Keep in mind that strict ACCC is Australia’s competition regulator and national consumer lawmaker and ACCC demands from companies like Wirex are very strict to adjust. I am sure your case will be solved. When you look at things like people “laundering money with crypto” this is justified. Of course, I am not in any way suggesting your involvement in such activities but just try to understand the position of Wirex. To be allowed to issue"atm card" and operate in Australia you have to go through rigorous Gov requirements. I really hope your problem will be resolved soon. Greetings from Perth :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for your help.
Greatly appreciated.
Willctry what you say.

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Precisely Copernicus…but I thing the problems here have been created by Mr A Clark himself by using suspect, illegal or fraudulent actives to end up with these problems that he has. As this is not normal & no one receives these extreme levels of issues :roll_eyes:

I have linked my Westpac MC successfully but I can’t link my citi bank MC.

Citi Bank is foreign bank ( accredited to operate in Australia ) so maybe this is the problem. I did have trouble linking MC with for instance. Australia has very tough banking laws, another think is, that for any transactions allowed to do anything with “crypto” outside Australia, MC was banning all payments outside Australia for a long time. Times seem to change and I personally think, that in next 1 year we going to see crypto adoption in Australian Banks ( one way or another ).


Ich bin sehr zufrieden benütze die Karte zum Einkauf und um verschiedene kryptowährungen in Euro zu wechseln lg

Anyone else in Australia getting their card declined at all merchants since 3rd October?

Emailed Wirex support. No response after 48 hours. Frustrating. Perhaps time to look at alternatives.

Hi @IanF,

Apologies for the experience. Could you please provide us with your reference ticket number? Thank you!

Warm Regards,

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