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any luck with this?

Hey Ian, I use my card everyday at woolworths, including today.
Haven’t had any problems or declined transactions…

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Also, how are you trying to use the card for the transactions which are failing?
Pay pass , chip n pin or swiping?
Pay pass / tap works to a specific value without any pin just like our bank cards do, if you use chip or swipe, you’ll need to use the “credit” account…
They are pre paid , international cards…
you also wouldn’t be able to conduct cash out at a teller while doing your transaction - that does also reject the transaction …


Hey @IanF I live in Australia and use my card everyday, had no issues what so ever.

Even used it again today

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I expect I hit $30k SGD limit this year. Singapore government brought in new regs, however this shouldn’t affect us in Oz.

Wirex support has not responded. Useless.

I have switch to MCO. Much better and instant support.

Been using Wirex for 9 months. I use it for most things from coffee to groceries to big purchases over $1k. POS, web, via PayPal etc.

Like I mentioned, I can’t really get any response from Wirex other than they are looking into it. i have since pulled all my funds into MCO card. Unlikely go back to Wirex now as unreliable for me.

I expect its to do with Singapore $30k p.a. limit.

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I fine Wirex’s support super quick.
Try and log into the web app and use the chat window
Always been quick for me


I spend $5k+/month on the card. I can’t have an unreliable card though.

Yes, ticket is lodged and been 2 days since they said they’r looking into it. Also had a colleague who had to wait 4 months for a refund from them.

It is a shame as the interface is good and slick to use. Parts of Wirex I will miss.

Hey Ian,
Just to touch base, so we don’t have a $30k limit for us here…
Our limit is really decent, $5000usd equivalent for top up a day, $5000usd equivalent per transaction spend.
You can top up everyday of the year.
That’s over $1.8m usd for a gauge on how high the top up value for a year can be…

Just to note something - I also have a cdc account, Jade stake, you might not be aware, there is a $20k sgd fiat top up limit (imposed on all APAC accounts) and once you hit that, you have to wait 365 days from your first top up for it to reset. I know this as I hit my limit within 4 months and my cards been a lovey shiny paperweight on my desk for 3months now.
However the limit is much higher using crypto as top up - just remember this it is a tax event for every single crypto to fiat top up.

Hope your support request has been attended to!
I’m going to be making a new thread in the near future with all the details of Wirex specifically for us Aussies :+1:


No, still nothing after 2 weeks other than Wirex looking into why card is declined. Useless support to be honest. Moved on to MCO & Revolut. Wirex probably find the issue after Xmas.

FYI, the $30k SGD limit is an annual limit for Singapore residents introduced 1 Oct. It shouldn’t affect Oz, but I think it somehow has with Wirex as my spend is exactly $30k in 2020 before it was cut off.

I agree @copernicus

Hello. I’m new to the Wirex card. Waiting for it to arrive (Live in Australia, set to AUD). I saw on the website that there is a monthly account fee and other transaction fees. Would you mind clarifying if you get charged any fees? Thanks.

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Hi, there is no monthly fee for the card. In regards to other fees & limits please see here…

Thank you

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Welcome in our community :slight_smile:


I have been waiting for almost 6months now for my Wirex Visa debit card and does anyone know of the time frame for which I am having to wait for?
Also I have read some mention of a Wirex wallet! Am I supposed to have one?

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Hello there @6355 !

I would suggest you to contact customer support to check this for you, because 6 months of waiting is awfully long time and the card should have arrived in matter of days/weeks not months.

Fingers crossed it gets fixed for you as soon as possible!

Best regards!

Cheers mate for that !
However I have just been doing what you suggest a few minutes ago!

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Good job! Thanks for that, the customer support is on it!
Blessings! :star_struck:

just visited a suncrop atm today and say need a $3 fee each cash withdraw

Any updates on which bank which doesn;t have the withdrawl fee?


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Hi there @greenmiu!

My quick guess , it depends on the ATM, usually in less public locations/small shops you find these that charge extra fees. Let me know if I understood the issue correctly.

Have a great day!