Automatic account statement

Hi team,

It would be useful to be able to generate a statement from our personal account without having to ask support. Output formats like PDF, ODF, JPG, CSV would be nice.

The same function as business accounts looks great !

Some information like phone number, full billing address would be helpful to add on statements. Amazon, for example, requests this information as part of an account verification.



It would be useful for Italian User the automatic calculation of the “avarage amount” of the year.
In our country we need not only the steatment at 31-12 of every year but also the calculation
The average amount is called"giacenza media" of the “euro” account. It can be obtained by dividing the sum of the daily total amount of the account year by 365 (or 366 for bisestil years). The formula is (∑(amount X days of this amount) )/ days of the years. For example To simplify things, let’s assume that -for the first 3 months of the year, there are 100 euros in the account, -150 for the other 3, -180 for the third quarter -and 200 euros for the last quarter. How to calculate the average amount, based on the formula presented? -In the first quarter of a non-leap year, there are 90 days. (suppose gen-march) -In the second quarter of the same year, there were 91 days. (april-jun) -In the third quarter, there are 92 days. (july-sept) -Finally, in the last 92 days.(october-december (90+91+92+92=365days) Numbers in hand, the formula will be the following. [(100€ x 90days) + (150 x 91) + (180 x 92) + (200 x 92)] / 365 = [(9000) + (13650) + (16560) + (18400)] / 365 = [57610] / 365 = 157,8356€ Result is The “average annual amount” will correspond to € 157,84 I can send you the excel calculator for nonbisestil year for help. I try to calculate for myself from your kindly statements, I don’t know if you can support this calculation in the statements that others banks do. For crypto is not important (I can use also some others tax tools online), for the account in euro is more important for our country.
For crypto we can use the value at the day conversion rate.
I can provide an example of one year account of my little account for example in excel.

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