Bank account change

Hi sir.

My bank account registered with you has changed…

And I just realized.

I sent 1058 euros to my old bank account, which was registered with you.

I sent it with Paypal. I can’t pull the money back…

How will I transfer this money to my new bank account?
The money I sent to my bank was 12 days.
Nevertheless, the Paypala was not returned.
I cannot contact the bank.
Even though it’s been 12 days, the Paypal I sent of 1058 euros has not returned

Please contact the bank…
The money appears in the old bank account…
Please help me

Hi Okan, I am sincerely sorry to hear about this.

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket, please take a look.

Best regards!

Sir, how can I contact the bank?

Your have taken account on my behalf from this bank.
I cannot communicate with the bank…

Can you give the bank phone number or e-mail address?

When I meet with Paypal it reports that the money has been deposited into the bank account

They said that if the bank had closed the account, the money would return to the paypa within 3 working days.

Hi Feryat,

I have already provided you with more details via the ticket, could you please check?

Warm regards.