Bank card confirmation


I’m new and I just wanted to link my bank card and I can’t found my 4 digit code. PIN code is not accepted.

Can anyone help?


Hi Andy!

Please check our article regarding the linked card confirmation:

You need to check the balance history or the card statement and check the description of the transaction from Wirex. The transaction will contain the confirmation code.

The confirmation code from the description will look like “WIREX1234”.

If you are still unable to find the code in the description, please contact your bank so that they can provide the code from the description for you.


Hi Yan, ty or your help. So the card is confirmed now, good. Btw am I limited in the number of transactions with my bank card? Thanks.

Dear Andy,

Yes, according to our limits, it is only possible to perform 3 successful transactions per 24 hours with your local cards.

Kindly note that the card linking attempts are also considered as transactions.

Thank you for your understanding.


Got it, clear now. Thanks :grinning:

Dear Andy,

You are most welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Please feel free to contact us back anytime and have a nice day!

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Hi…I insert my bank card confirmation wrong 5 times and now my card is question is for how long or what should i do


Hi Alex,

Thank you for reporting your issue.

I have updated you via the ticket and will let you know additionally once the issue is resolved completely.

Warm regards.