Bank transfer to my wirex account

Goodday wirex, a payment was made since on friday 2pm to my wirex account but I cant still get the money in my acct yet why?

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I think its a normal Time.
If you make a Bank transfer at Friday over the Weekend happens nothing.
Suturday and Sunday are no Workingdays. I think you have to wait.

I also am having a problem too,I made a deposit with my debit card and the money as since left my account since last week money and never arrived in my wirex account I have contacted the support team and up till now not even a message explaining the reason to me I am so disappointed that wirex support team will be these negligence it’s an understatement I am really disappointed I have to ask my bank to withdraw the transactions so please has anyone been in the same situation before or it’s just a normal thing in wirex community.

I’m going off Wirex rapidly. I ca t get 2FA to work to send btc. No answer to my support ticket. They are getting worse!!!

I just hope so, when i started with wirex transactions complète within 3hours around Europe but now i dont know what is happening i think population is affecting them and i begin to get scared.

I think its simply because of the Weekend.
More problems i see if the Hard Brexit comes. in GB leave the Eu whitout a Contract i would wait whit any Transfers to WireX. To this Topic i saw not a realy good answer. In your Case i would simply wait to tomorow. If i make a bank Transfer in Germany, it takes 2 working Days.

Thanks to you and the wirex term. I just receive my transaction on my wirex account. :raised_hands::pray:

Am yet to receive my bank deposit to my account since last week Monday please I need help please

I got an email that since the last update they split up the account in a Current Account and a Card account:

On the current account I top-up funds by banktransfers, and to withdraw money from a ATM I first need to send my funds to the Card account.

I wonder what will happen if you can not login anymore on the app or website…How can you withdraw your funds then? Anyone has an idea how to do that?


I don’t understand these email I need my money please

I have not be able to login to my account since morning after I was told to update my account
What is wirex turning to I have made deposit since 25/3 I have not seen my money either has customer service told me anything about it I have decided to ask my bank for help and will contact my lawyer at the end of work today am sick and tired of these my 1300 pounds since 3 weeks it so annoying

They are a sham afterall… More like MMM.

This morning after the upgrade or whatever they called it, 300 pounds balance turned to 0 pound, and they have no explanation for this. The support guy said I have spent it and pasted me previous transactions that had been charged already. I think they need some sort of sanctions and I will be contacting the financial ombudsman if I don’t hear from these clowns in a few hours


have waiting on dem to solve my problems going on for 10hours to reply back no reply can’t use my account to send money to another Uk account very frustrating even can putting my money my own card account from pounds account saying connection time out so called upgrade split account to two and can’t use the app keep telling connection time out Can only help me fix dis problems since u guys don’t have customers service number to call it so tiring since morning no answer to fix it

My ticket number is 761200
Can you please assist asap. I tried to send a local bank transfer yesterday at 1 oclock and then top up with my debit card. I have roughly 9000 gbp missing I would like some sort of assistance ASAP befoee I contact financial ombudsman. I have already lost money from the btc spike

Did you get this sorted?

Not yet I don’t even know where my 1300 pounds is and not even one person from the customer service provider could tell me where my money is

Demola if you download the telegram app.the contact us option down the bottom. Then go to wirex group chat they have some admins there. I provided them with a ticket number and they are going to chase ( be careful they won’t message you first) alot of scammers on there seeking personal information. I also seen info about their banking partner doing extra regulatory checks.


I have done a payment via Sepa on 16.05.2019

Money is still not on my Wirex account.

I´m from Austria.

When money will be available on Wirex account, anyone know how long this will take?


next time i think 100 times before transfer any money, I transfer my all money I have and they gone

There are quite a bunch of reports of money not credited via SEPA transfer, on and on Community. Is that a common problem ? That’s bothersome. I wanted to pay in my salary, but since it will come from a third party, I’m even more anxious that it gets lost!