Becoming a trader

Hi there friends! :sun_with_face:

Today I wanted to share a success story I found when looking up for some trading materials and information. Not just that, I found the story really inspirational and it left me thinking maybe what we all need is just a little bit motivation, positive thinking and little push into the right direction too. If you ever wanted to become a trader this might be a good time to start.

Twitter follower from Philippines, who trader EmperorBTC have known for some time now shared her trading journey with him. The End is the best part.

*She started with ZERO Knowledge about Trading or TA ( Technical analysis ).

*Found everything she could about the basics and read it several times.

*Practiced it live, over and over again, with small bets.

Now, she has become successful, making profits consistently. Losses happen too but nothing too crazy. Her tips? Be consistent. All material is available online. Small bets are the secret. Be consistent and stick with small bets, not risks.


Anyone with good intelligence, consistency and perseverance can become a trader.

Now I will tell you the best part about the story.

  1. She has a full time incredibly hectic job.

  2. A lot of family issues and stress.

  3. She learnt everything on her own. Just read the tutorials.

If someone with a lot of family issues, full time job can do it, anyone can do it.


EmperorBTC is so deym amazing.