🚫 Beware of Scammers and Fake pages on Social Media

There are currently a number of fake pages pretending to be Wirex on social media. These pages are messaging users, tagging users in posts, sharing the users’ profile images and claiming that they have won a prize. In order to receive the prize, they are asking users to login via an unknown link.
Please be aware that these posts are not from us. Wirex will never ask for personal information ( such as your password) in order to receive a prize. We would never share your profile images, or any other images of yours, without prior consent. Here is an example of a scammer page offering a fake prize:

These scammers are very persistent and constantly thinking up new, creative ways to get their hands on users’ funds. Their sole job is to attack as many companies as possible, on as many social media channels as possible, in order to obtain these funds.

What you need to know:

  • Always double check the sender. Do they have a blue tick next to their name indicating they are a verified account? Our main Facebook page has this blue tick. Does the page have many followers? We currently have 30k+ followers on our main page. Is the page only posting profile photos with these “prizes” attached? Does the page look like it’s been created recently?

  • Do not click on any links that were sent to you, even if they claim to work for Wirex. These links are usually shortened, to direct you to an unknown page. All of our real links will have wirexapp.com at the beginning, or community.wirexapp.com, which is our community forum.

  • Anyone who contacts you first is a scammer. Additionally, if they ask you to send them crypto or funds, they are a scammer. Wirex would never ask this of its users, nor would we send you private messages first on any social channel - we ask you to send us a private message first.

  • Our support team does not have any social media channels. You can only contact them by creating a support ticket HERE, logging onto a desktop and talking to them via our live chat feature, or in the Support thread in this community forum.

  • You must always have your 2FA enabled. This is extremely important and will deter any scammer from being able to get to your hard-earned funds.

  • Please report and block any persons or pages that contact you.

  • If you have shared your password, please reset it immediately.

  • If you have shared your email, the chances are you will get emails from these scammers as well, so please watch out for those. Do not click on any emails that look suspicious.

  • If your email has the same password as your Wirex account, you should immediately create a new one. You must never have the same password for multiple accounts. If one gets compromised then all are compromised.

The above also applies to all social media channels, not just Facebook.

We are doing everything we can to report and block these scammers on a daily basis. But if you encounter one, please make sure to report and block them.

And remember, always contact us first if you have any doubts - either by sending us a private message on one of our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), by posting here on the community channel, or by creating a support ticket.

Thank you.


Why is Wirex not insured? Customer funds are totally vulnerable.

Last year Bitrue got hacked more then a million dollars.Every customer got back there funds within 24 hours. They also have a million dollar insurance guarantee protection per customer to protect there funds.

Why is Wirex so backdated in this, how will you guys compete with service like that?

My account with Wirex is blocked for over a month and they don’t have insurance for customer funds. It’s really not safe



Beware of Wirex themselves never mind scammers, I deposited crypto over 10 days ago and it was recieved within minutes and said added on the wirex app and then nothing no balance no access to the funds nothing , many support tickets and chats and still not anything but we are working on it,

What takes over 10 days to resolve ? it’s more than a simply system issue,


My account is still blocked and no excess to my funds. Over a month now. Why does Wirex have no insurance?


My account still blocked also for weeks now, and there is many people with the same problem, why dont try harder to solve this many issues faster? This service is unacceptable!

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[Beware of Scammers on Twitter



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Caution : that may be encountered about social media sites that are considered fraudulent to users

As Identity Theft has now become very prevalent on various social media sites, Wirex have set up our accounts on most of the major social media services in order to prevent any space left out for criminals to commit this malevolent crime. This announcement also lists out all of our available social media accounts and contact info for all of our members to get to know.

Wirex Official Website: https://wirexapp.com/en
Twitter: @wirexapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wirexapp/ or search @wirexapp
Medium: https://medium.com/wirex
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wirexapp/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wirex-limited
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAI8wK4Z9vxYM08lp3C7d_A


For troubleshooting please contact

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I was one of those that was hacked…how do I reset my account??? If I cant even log back into it??? They have reset my mobile number

Hi there, we replied to you on facebook as well. Please can you see that and send me the necessary info? Thanks so much.

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Hello, fake Instagram account detected: https://www.instagram.com/wirex.wallet/

Report and block this account.


Just found this in facebook:

Link of the scamer:
https://www.facebook.com /W%C3%ADrex-106751624570435/?comment_id=Y29tbWVudDoxMzg0MjE3NjQxNzQ4NzMyXzEzODQyMzQyNjg0MTM3MzY%3D

„Wírex“ posted under the wirex helloween special. Already reported.


Hello, when reporting these account to twitter it requires you to submit an email address for Wirex. Which email address should be put when doing this?

Just keep reporting them! The more that we can report these people the less they’ll scam other people.

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Got another one

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:warning: New scammers detected on twitter :warning:

https://twitter.com/yanwirex (@Yan_Wirex It’s probably not you. Otherwise, do not hesitate to edit this message.

:no_entry_sign: Beware if they contact you. Don’t click on the links they send. :no_entry_sign:


:warning: New scammers detected on twitter :warning:


I was one of those that was hacked. Over a month now.
My account with Wirex is blocked .
Why does Wirex have no insurance?



Good information thanks for information

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