Biometric backup: sophisticated account recovery

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Lost your phone but need access to your crypto?

No problem. The Wirex Wallet operates an innovative biometric backup system, which means you can never get locked out of your account.

Setting it up is simple. Follow a few straightforward instructions in-app and it’ll remember your face and fingerprint.

Losing access to your funds is a thing of the past. Ready to get started?

How to open a Wirex Wallet

Get your Wirex Wallet up and running in just a few steps:

  1. Download the Wirex Wallet app.

  2. Create an account - all you need is an email address.

  3. Check your emails for a verification code and enter it when prompted.

  4. Create a PIN and/or register your biometrics (face or fingerprint).

  5. Back up your account using biometrics or a QR code by going to Profile then Account recovery.

Please note: you will need to do this before you can make any transactions.

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*Please note when setting up and using the Wirex Wallet, you will be prompted to check and accept the User Agreement & Privacy Policy. These may differ from the conditions you have already accepted from your existing Wirex account. To view the Wirex Wallet Terms, please visit: Wirex Wallet | Terms and Conditions

the best non-custodial wallet in absolutely! :sunglasses: :heartpulse:


Biometric back up feature, mean Wirex is on the track and keep up with the times!