Bitcoin Price Charting and predictions!


Disclaimer: this is for educational purposes only and not intended as financial advice; if you want financial advice please speak to a financial adviser!

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This more like it

Target -27 23000 could take some time waiting for trend up on daily and Moving average cut for long

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Am I right in saying you’re seeing another drop to 6519? before we break out?


Maybe I’m not trusting it just

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I wouldn’t doubt your prediction tbh



let see what happens in 3 to 6 months

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Yo Raphael


Thank you Sam! This is a very good TA; is it OK to feature it on our next live TA?


Very nice work @Sam_Hines. I like the short moving averages too.


Yes you can

Anychance to get my wirex card out to me faster

I got bitcoin to deposit


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Thanks Gavriel was the 8 and 20 MA . But i don’t rely on indicators. you can see now bitcoin tested that outside trendline now waiting for it to break it.


I will keep you posted; where are you based? Country wise?


I have been looking at this; possible inverse H&S ?


I’m based in canterbury UK

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yes remember the Right shoulder is suppose to be lower then the left. I’m a forex trader but sometimes trade bitcoin the technicals bit different to forex

HH LH HL LL is about 50 pips pull backs.

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