Bitcoin Price in 2030: Your Predictions! 🔮

Adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general is just beginning. It is not too late to start and expect significant profits! :rocket: :money_mouth_face:

After examining “all the variables and addressable markets,” the CRR researchers arrived at future price estimates for BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XLM. They expect the price of bitcoin to rise to $19,044 in 2020, $341,000 in 2025, and $397,727 in 2030. Ethereum’s price is expected to reach $331, $3,549, and $3,644 respectively while bitcoin cash’s price should climb to $414, $6,690, and $13,016 during the same time periods.

Current prices for June 2020

And the Crypto Research Report also tells us this:

We believe that bitcoin is still at the very start of its adoption curve. The price of $7,200 at the end of 2019 suggests that bitcoin has penetrated less than 0.44% of its total addressable markets. If this penetration manages to reach 10%, its non-discounted utility price should reach nearly $400,000.

The Crypto Research Report analysis estimates that there are over 40 million cryptocurrency users worldwide and the number of crypto users in a country is positively correlated with the country’s GDP per capita. High GDP means increased adoption of cryptocurrency in the country.

Read the full article HERE.

I’m not an expert, just a crypto enthusiast. A bitcoin of around $ 140,000 in 2030 seems realistic to me. Either way I’m sure bitcoin will last a long time. :timer_clock:

Speaking of which… Satoshi Nakamoto was sure of one thing:

I’m sure that in 20 years there will either be very large transaction volume or no volume

So what is your prediction? Talk about it here! :point_down:


I am going to predict the price will be 3.225 per GBP.

I hope :crossed_fingers:

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Only £ 3,225 ? You probably meant £ 32,250 :grin:

According to some analysts, bitcoin will reach 30k USD by the end of 2021. That would be great! :money_mouth_face:

I wish that would be the case! :man_judge:

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sarebbe fantastico

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By a Citybank analyst!

Podcast discussing it below :arrow_down:

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