Bitcoin price prediction?

Hi guys! :sun_with_face:

BTC has moved down to $45000 at the time of writing this, what are you predictions where does it go from there? Are we going to keep sliding down or we feel optimistic for the next couple of months?

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    1. BTC going back to 50k and above
    1. Drop down to 40k and below
    1. Will stay at the same range (45k) for the next couple of months

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Bless you all! :star_struck:

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15k unfortunately.

Bull Trap

…oh man … Plus the Mt. Gox funds that are due to get released back soon! That’ll create a huge dump I reckon.

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Thanks for your feedback sir.

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If BTC goes down to hit the 30k mark again I won’t hesitate to get some

Every thing has its peak just think back in history if you will?
The Japanese were almost the Worlds strongest economy and they came to a sceaching halt just before the so called global economic crises along the way EU were affected causing the Italian Greeks and other of the smaller EU nations to severally cut back on their own welfare systems take a look at Australia in the mid ninties we went into the recession we had to have according to the then Prime Minister The Right Honerable Paul Meeting and then not so long ago we had a massive boom in mining and then BAM the Chinese government decided to pin our ears back and ceased buying our comodaties ! It could be like T-bills and Junk bonds of the mid to late ninteen Eighties which artificially boosted the US Economy until someone said Ooops this just ain’t worth anything! Personally I hope Bitcoin will Level out , but I am by no means an economist or player on the stock market I am just looking for something to make my life a wee bit easier!

Please remember that this is just an opinion and not meant to offend anyone!

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I understand sir.

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I appreciate your understanding!
But is it possible to verify if my statement was accurate?
I was just going off memory here!