Bitcoin up and down

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A week ago, I posted a poll asking your opinion and prediction on Bitcoin price in near future.
As we all know from recent steady upward rise last week, yesterday the price dropped down back to 40k and is at range of 42k at the moment. The news and media on the internet already calling it ‘‘the market crash’’ etc, which happens every time there’s a bigger drop.

There’s been a lot of articles and speculations about what is the cause of it, the main story is about Evergrande, China’s second largest property developer, and is billions of dollars in debt, with it’s lenders threatening legal action, being the main cause of the dip. At the same time HODLers and traders agree on one thing - news have story for every little thing and that it is just normal to have corrections like this and remind you to buy BTC at discount.

Have you been affected by the volatility of the market swings this week?

    1. Yes
    1. No

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I always look of the value not on the price :grimacing:

Chill and Relax , Hodlers always win in the long run. :sunglasses:

In your last poll…I was in the 30% who said it’s going below 40k.

…I may have been dramatic in saying as low as 15k…but I do believe 20k within the next 12mths…10k wick if the rumor of a Mt.Gox reimbursement ever happens…which it is possible.

“Buy the news, sell the rumor”