Bitcoin vs. litcoin



With the new version of the app now supporting both bitcoin and litecoin, which one to use?

I am interested in two issues:

  • use as a payment instument (not as an investment)
  • CO2 footprint.


It's Here: SegWit Bitcoin wallet on Wirex (faster, cheaper, better)


In practice Litecoin is better as a payment option as the transactions are confirmed every 2.5 minutes instead of every 10 minutes (Bitcoin). This means it takes an average of 75% less time for a litecoin transaction to get confirmed by the network (so it can be spent again).

Bitcoin is working on scaling solutions to fix this; but most solutions are implemented by Litecoin before they are approved for use on the BItcoin Mainnet.

The coin with the lowest CO2 footprint would also be Litecoin as it uses a less process intensive mining algorithm scrypt instead of SHA256. More Info.

But does this mean that Litecoin is better than Bitcoin?


More info on our Bitcoin Wallet can be found here too: