Block account for internal verification

Request (889153).

More than 10 days have passed… and support has not responded to a single ticket.

If they need more papers or information, ask for it…

It’s easy… but Wirex prefers to send us emails to tell us that we have to wait instead of unlocking our accounts. Namely my account has been locked for internal checks from home and according to them I’m not the only one to whom he makes his, but the problem is not there🤔, you can lock our accounts for checks but it’s not supposed to I can only Wirex just want to freeze our accounts when the btc is up and it’s very unhonest on your part… I’ll leave you the screen of their last email.

You can’t process our files within respectable deadlines, but when it’s for ads that invite us to place funds at home… it has no problem to be done in an incredibly fast time 4-5 ads per day anyway. It makes me laugh and at the same time its annoys me because it takes advantage of the fact that it cannot be reached like a classic bank on all the mistakes they are made. in any case I will sue because it clearly mocks me and nothing has been progressing for 2 weeks

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