Blocked account/can't login

Dear @SpyrosPlati, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

I have just escalated your request to our Support Team and they will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Best regards!

Dear Palm,

Let me inform you that the relevant department is still processing your case and I can see that there are no updates at this moment. The agent will update you right away once they have any news.

Best regards!

Good afternoon Anastasia,
Thanks for the update.
Kind regards

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Hello there,

I too am blocked out of my account, I only had logged out to verify my email and it has locked me out. Can you help resolve this please. My ticket number is (283143).

Monica Pitman

@Anastasiia_Wirex Hello! I have received an update finally! However I responded on Friday and still nothing happened? Can you give me a timeframe how long that procedure takes? Not about the relevant team, now it is supposed to be in your hands…

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Hi Support,

Request #133124 | Wirex account is blocked

My account has been blocked since 28 January. Verification documents (Origin of Funds and Wealth Questionnaire, and Proof of Address (POA)) were submitted on 31 January per request. I do not receive any response since 7 February.

What is the current status of the verification, when my account can be unlocked?


Hello Monica, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I have now escalated your case to our verification team and they should follow-up with you shortly.

Best regards!

Hello @Leo_Nielsen,

As I checked, the relevant department has requested some additional details via ticket 62555. Could you please check your email and provide us with a response? We will do our best to resolve this issue for you.

Thank you in advance!

@Anastasiia_Wirex I did check the additional details, I have receive a response asking me for a wallet and I have provided you with such. This is the only email I have received whatsoever. Check the response from me as I have already provided such on Friday.

Dear @chankw,

Please let me assure you that the issue has not been forgotten and the relevant team is currently working on it. We will let you know once receive an update from them.

Best Regards!

Hello ,still no one from support has contacted d me to resolve my issue my account is still locked i need some answers ASAP please !!

Dear @Leo_Nielsen,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed resolution of this case. I have escalated your request to our Finance Team. They will process it as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

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i need to change my registered tel number, how do i do this?

Need help urgently, my Wirex account is temporarily locked.

my account has been blocked for two weeks now, all documents have been submitted. Can you find out how long it will take and can they speed up the processing. All my money is on it must shop and pay my bills.

Account email:

Please help me unlock my account.

Hello @SpyrosPlati, I am sorry for this delay.

I will escalate it one more time, our relevant team will contact you via the ticket directly.

Warm regards.

Hello @JohnHaggerty,

Let me kindly ask you to submit a request following this link: Our Support Team will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Hello @Sergey, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Unfortunately, we have no new information to share just yet. Our relevant team is still working on your request. Please be sure that once we receive an update - you will be notified right away!


Please help me
My account is blocked