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You will get nowhere. This support forum is really an asylum for the mentally ill. That’s what it looks like when you realize there is no support in the support forum


You asked for very sensitive information to verify my financial sources. I cooperate to send you all documents. You didn’t even reply to my email that there was a problem with my document. But you choose to lock my account without prior notice. (And you also refer to our policy of closing customer accounts without prior notice). What happens if a large amount of my savings is in your account? The reason for doing this is because you see that I’m an Asian who can’t sue your company, right? What is the source of funds verification criteria? An employment contract with a salary amount in English. I didn’t send it? Or are you just ignorant because no matter how I send the documents? Your goal is to close my account anyway. Please refund any remaining funds in the wallet to my debit card associated with your account.

email ticket 1165851

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Hi @1688, this case has been escalated to the relevant team, please note that our team need some time to review the documents. You will be contacted at the nearest time. Regards!

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I am still waiting, 50 days have passed.
Today I have sent a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, next step Bank of Lithuania.
I don’t really understand how you can think you can continue like this, sooner or later you will be stopped by the authorities. I received your notification today to invest in Nereus, by now you are ridiculous …

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RE: ticket #1130174

This is to inform you that Wise (former Transfer Wise) have decided to take action against you. The ARN of this filed dispute is:


I urge you to avoid this dispute by refunding this transaction.

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For those above have concern , i know the feeling guys. But please lets keep professional on this wirex relevant team is working surely abt this matter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Which of the above is not professional? Going through proper channels (action fraud, disputing your illegal embezzlement with the bank initiating the transfer of funds that Wirex, frankly has illegally stolen from me)

Or you, super ambassadors and charlatans only here to delay people from reclaiming your crim inal behavior?


We sincerely sorry for the problems you face it now. But sir please be considerate that our relevant team do their best to fix all of our costumer situations right now.

I’m understand that your frustrated in a days, or months. But they will solved it and msg you immediately as soon as possible.

please be calm because being angry all time is not the solution in any situations.

Warm regards.
Thank you and Godbless :innocent:

I am not angry. I am dealing with an unacceptable situation through proper channels, action fraud, the teams at Transfer Wise, Visa and Revolut to end your incompetence and illegal seizing of your customers funds


Honestly, don’t you get tired and frustrated? Day out and day in you sit here and do, to be frank, a worthless job, worthless because it is so obvious that not even you believe in this hopeless defense of Wirex complete incompetence. All of you sound like clowns, it is laughable, and almost Kafka like.


I’m really sorry for being like a clown to you, but we did our best to make it up all of you, To be honest with you many times our support team may delay but they do their best to make it up to you, to all costumers in wirex. Now the situation in our country is one of the reason why most of the time is still processing…

Thank you for not being angry. Again I’m really sorry and let me tag @moderators to you.

Godbless :innocent:
Have a wonderful days :love_letter:

Is this a joke? Why do you keep sending this cr*p

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When you look at the email from Wirex, as I posted a screenshot of above, when I can not even Access my account, that is a charade worthy of a clown, don’t you agree, Super Ambassador Malou?


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You will get an update via email sir again if your concern is fix or something.

Please stay with us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I asked customercomplaints * wirexapp dot com for an official reply with the specified ARN included, where they accept or decline Transfer Wise request for a refund.

They responded with garbage. That they continue to monitor the situation.

No ARN included, as requested, no reply to the request by Transfer Wise for a refund.

Nothing of the sort. I cannot understand how this circus has been possible for so long, with so many defrauded customers

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im very very sorry , but for now please relevant team is doing thier best to solve any single case in here :heart:

No, they’re not. Stop lying lol

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I’m really sorry, please don’t get mad. :relaxed::handshake: