Blocked account/can't login

Hi Team,
I have similar issue with address verification of an additional virtual card I wanted to add funds to my wirex, and eventually lock me out of my wirex account. The addresses are the same with the other cards I have in my wirex account including my wirex account…
Didn’t have issue with the other cards already in my wirex account.
Now I’m locked out

Reference tickets 2074466, 2039423, 1919087, 1937083

Appreciate your help and what I need to do to have access again.

Hi Team,
My wirex account has been block or locked due to an address verification of an extra virtual card I added to fund my wirex account. There is already 2 cards I use to add fund to my wirex and uses the same address, and all working well.
Except I cannot access my wirex account and use my wirex card.

Reference tickets 1937083, 1919087, 2039423, 2074466

Please I need some help

@Mal1 Please let me assure you that the issue has not been forgotten and the relevant team is currently working on it.

you know what, I don’t care how long it takes. To be honest there were anyway just about 15 bucks left in the account. What I want, is that you close my account for good. Don’t care about the loss but I do care about transparency and you seem not to deliver that.

Hi wirex,

I mean cmon, I know exactly what I requested you a few days ago.
A few days ago, I asked you kindly to unlock my wirex credit card which was blocked for whatsoever reason.

Instead, of unlocking my card, you locked my whole account!

  1. either you unlock my account and my card
  2. just delete my account as I will never come back to this business!

I have read through many stories here and all are the same. People complain of months of issues which you do not seem responsible for.

Hi Kanoten, did they already unlock your account? I have the same issue and I do not know what’s going on.

@ichigo500 We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

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thank you Maryna and sorry for being so persistent :slight_smile:

It’s only that from what I have read on twitter, in the news, and here on the forum, does not look very promising :smiley:

I totally understand that you are overloaded with request and that also the correspondent support Team is it too.

But I would not like to have to wait months or years :smiley:

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Well, another week gone, my money hold.
I will wait few days more, then i will talk with my lawyers to fill some complains at Bank of Lithuania, etc

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Thanks Team,
My account is unlocked, and I can access it.

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Thanks Support Team have resolved the issue.

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Always welcome :relaxed: godbless

Hello @btcro, we see that our Support team has responded to your ticket, please check your mailbox. Regards!

How long have you had the account blocked?

Nobody has contacted me as usual after a week, I’m going to talk to my lawyers, to make a claim against you, it’s embarrassing, that after three months nobody has looked at my account.

@David_Rubino We are sorry this is taking so much time for you. Please rest assured that we are doing our best from our side to speed up the process. You will be updated via email once it is possible. Regards!

And what are you really doing? And what security problem does my account have? I think that if someone from the department manages it, it will be solved in a short time, but I really don’t think they have taken my case, please, talk to someone and have them look at my account in a real way and solve it. Thank you very much.

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Can I have your ticket number sir?

My ticket number is 1517457, 1618053.

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Good morning Alexander,

Dare I ask? Any news on my refund? It’s now coming up to a year and no resolution.

Kind regards


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