Blocked account/can't login

Por favor ayúdame pronto, los correos dicen que tengo plazo hasta mañana para autenticar mi cuenta


Please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response.

As I can see in our database, our relevant team has just updated you via the ticket. Let me kindly ask you to check your email :e-mail:

Thank you in advance!

My account has been locked since last year for no reason, Kindly Unlock my account if you want me to continue doing business with your guys

Dear Gift,

As I can see in the system, you were updated via your support ticket accordingly, please feel free to check the correspondence in the ticket and send us an update in the case you have any questions.

Best regards.

I didn’t get any responds about my account being blocked. Beside why is it still locked?


We have just sent you a new update via email, please check.

Have a nice day!

Have the same problem, can’t login since month already, and since that time i opened ticket and… ZERO REACTION … do you have any support at all?
Ticket #1193339

Hello Eduard,

I am sorry to hear that you can’t log in to your Wirex account.

I have checked our records and noticed that you have sent requests to the email that is inactive.
To avoid such unpleasant situations in the future, I kindly ask you to submit your requests via the special form: Our Support Team will be glad to provide you with immediate assistance.

Let me kindly inform you that I have just updated you via the ticket.
Could you please check your email? :e-mail:

Thank you in advance!

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Hello CS members,

This happened now, raised ticket: 1241405:

I logged in my account and opened chat. I think chat agent’s name was Daniel. I asked for the agent why I haven’t received some funds yet.
He told me “all ok now, I did some sync rectifications” and funds received immediately into my account.

after 30 seconds, Wirex automatically logged me of, and now when I try to login it says “incorrect email or password”

I then clicked “forgot password” for password reset link but never received the email.

I lost access to desktop and mobile app.
Please help ASAP. I cannot even chat or call you now…
email: Xen***


Hello Xenofon,

I understand how unpleasant this situation is for you and kindly ask you to accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Let me kindly inform you that I have escalated this case to our relevant team. They will contact you shortly via the ticket.

Thank you for your cooperation!

I am speaking through a translate programme so I hope that I will be clear and good about this.

Can someone help me block my point and someone can’t let me go up with my id card word with my id - card, but he s just right, my call is Reno and my card is gmmert Marines, if you please help me, I’d like to be able to take you to take care of your services and so are the app

Dear Reno,

Thank you for taking a time to write to us.

I have contacted our verification team on this matter and we will contact you back via the email shortly. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

Warm regards!

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I just want to thank you guys for a little thanks, and I can use your app now

I am glad to know that your issue was resolved, Reno :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words and please feel free to contact us back in case of any questions.

Have a great week!

no puedo abrir sesion y me sigue diciendo que mi cuenta esta bloqueada, ya que he pasado rel paso de desbloquear cuenta

Hi Jose Antonio,

I have escalated your case directly to our verification team.

You will be updated directly via the support ticket #1383417 shortly.

Warm regards!

Account was blocked without any notice, as T&C says you should give two months notice.
First I didn’t believe that Wirex blocks account randomly, but reading reviews opened my eyes.

Hello Tadas, I am sorry for this unpleasant situation.

I have escalated this case to our relevant team. They will contact you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.

I have a problem with my account is blocked

Hello, I have a problem of this type that you blocked my account, I understand why it happened and please unlock my account, Adrian Czarnecki, Ticket # 1423495