Blocked account/can't login

i dont know exactly however team will update you

Thumbs down support. No sense of urgency.

Hi @kiraulo21, we can see that you were updated an hour ago on the status of your account. Please check your mailbox and its Spam/Junk folders. Regards!

Updated with this email. What is my violation and when did you contacted me regarding this matter. I searched my messages in my Gmail and there’s no update regarding this.


@Alexander_Wirex all I received was all your ongoing promotions

@kiraulo21 we’ll contact our relevant team for this. You should be updated as soon as possible. Regards!

@Alexander_Wirex I don’t think you can still fix it. Based on that email it’s already been decided. What’s the violation that I made? The last transaction I made was transferring WXT to another Wirex user. The transaction was fast and there’s no fee. Where’s the violation in that? Or was it because I downloaded your Wirex Wallet the one with NFT.?? I am a YouTuber I might post this experience with Wirex.

@kiraulo21 According to our T&Cs: Wirex | General Terms of Service we are not required and may be prohibited by law to provide any further information regarding your account closure or suspension. However, we still contacted the relevant team on the case and will try to provide you with as much information as possible. Regards!

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