Blocked account/can't login

@Palm.Treebucky We hope your query gets resolved as soon as possible.

So far I’m bitterly disappointed, I’ve lost thousands of pounds at the moment I have no confidence and what makes it worse is that I’m a share holder and I wish I wasn’t,utterly disgusted !!!

Its already so long , i have sent all the required documents asked by wirex review team then it should be done quickly

Hello, my account has been blocked and informed that they will issue a withdrawal of the remaining funds on the account. Where will the cryptocurrency stored on the account be withdrawn and for how long will the withdrawal be made?

Hi @Murshk, we see that our team sent you a message recently, please check your mailbox.

Hello @nok_skotch, we can see that our team didn’t inform you about it. Please check their message more carefully. Regards!

Hello, my account has been blocked for months for security reasons. No idea why??? I wrote several emails to support but nothing happened. I want to unlock my account again. can you help me with this Enquiry: 1785519 Greetings

But no. Your message quite clearly states that the funds remaining on the account will be refunded (or rather, even that they have already been refunded, but this unfortunately did not happen). I have more than 4000 usdt left there. I would like to know when I will get my funds back.

I have replied to email, please inform them

Hi @Gollum, according to our records, we sent you several emails back in February to request additional information for your Wirex account but you didn’t reply. Please check your mailbox to find these messages. Regards!

Hello @nok_skotch, the refund was made, in such a case, we recommend contacting issuing bank of your local card. Regards!

I have not found or received any emails. can you send me the email with the relevant questions or conditions again.
Kind regards

Hello. I can`t login my account and sent email to you, but still did not received answer from you. request (2674544)

@Yuliia_Wirex, hi do you have an update for me in this case? Can you help me please!

Hi @Gollum, we’ll send this email one more time to, please check your mailbox and its Spam/Junk folders and provide us with the requested information. Best regards!

Hello @Konstantin125485, thank you for contacting us here. We can see that you were already updated via ticket. Please check your mailbox for it. Regards!

Hi @Patricia22, unfortunately, there is no update on the case yet. We’ve escalated it again to the relevant team and hope for a quick resolution. Best regards!

Here the address to Wriex company. Maby that helps to get in touch with company!

Its over 10 days , i have sent documents but they didnt unblock my account yet, why its taking so long

Hello @Murshk, our team needs some time to review the provided documentation, you will be updated as soon as possible. Regards!