Blocked account/can't login

Hi @Carmen1, please accept our apologies for this unpleasant situation. We have escalated your case and our team will update you at the nearest time. Regards!

@Yuliia_Wirex Hello, my account was blocked:( I am now on vacation in a foreign country and virtually without funds. Your card was the only one I could use. My ticket number 3024163.

I just buy ticket in Turkey to fly home to Riga. And receive message about account blocked:(

Hello @Daniil_Borodin, I see that our Support agent replied to your ticket yesterday. Once there is an update - you will be contacted. For now, we do not have additional information. Regards!

@Yuliia_Wirex Yes, but my account still blocked and i don’t understand how i can unblock account and funds:(Thank you

already 9 months that i recieve the same auto reply… it will not change, straarts to feel like a big scam!

Hi @Daniil_Borodin, you should wait for an update from our Support Team.

Hello @Tokke, we are really sorry for this situation. Our team is working on your case, it has been escalated to speed up the process. Regards!

I had a similar problem.
When I log into the app, it shows that the account is locked for security reasons. Please contact customer support.I’ve submitted tickets, but I haven’t heard anything except an autoreply.
request number is 3028172 Please help me, because before this I just bought 150,000 WXT and locked my position.

Hello @dzw1997418, our Support Team will contact you via email on this matter. Regards!

There is no result, I have been waiting for more than a month, I wrote to you that I need this money very urgently for my family, do you care about that? Why is no one answering me?

Hey Yulia! Another 11 days have passed since the proof of the transfer was requested. How long to wait? I have been waiting for almost 2 years for my funds. When will I receive my funds?

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Guys, I’ve been trying for almost 2 years to get my funds frozen in the account. No information. I only hear about some kind of mystical support team, 2 years the same thing. In February they said that they would send the rest of the funds to my bank account, already December, but the money did not come. When I send a request for an open ticket, I get a response: “Ticket Not Available - [2171916] Close Wirex account"

Hello @Alexander_Karakulov, we are sorry for this frustrating situation. We will update you via ticket as soon as possible.

Hello @pulilandrest, we understand that this situation is quite frustrating. We have already escalated your case to the highest priority and the transfer will be processed as soon as possible.