Blocked account now blocked on Wirex Facebook

My account was blocked and no excess to my funds for more then a month and a half. Now they blocked me from Wirex Facebook page and I can’t post anything there.

Now do you understand why I’m so disappointed in Wirex. They blocked you if you complain. This is not fair and they portray to be such a good company. They hide when things go wrong

All they want is new users especially now in US. So many Wirex accounts are blocked and they don’t have resolution for months. There CEO don’t even bother responding to customers. They just have there robotic customer relations team respond with the same answers.

The amount of fees they charge but I really honestly urge you guys to be really careful about using Wirex. I will post all info on how funds get missing on Wirex and users just ignored

Wirex are not taking responsibility for there customer funds be careful guys!


Ali, can you please update me on what’s happening please. It’s been a month and a half now

I keep seeing these same sort of complaints everywhere. @Ali_Wirex what’s going on. This isn’t exactly inspiring confidence. I understand there are growing pains but this really is unacceptable.

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Pat, I will chase this again for you right now. I’m sorry this is still on-going for you.

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Hi there, please know that each case is different and therefore the times in which it takes for certain cases to be resolved will vary. The support team is working on each case including the one above.

Thank you

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There’s no option to order my Wirex card in my app

But Ali,

It’s been a month and a half, do you appreciate why we are getting really annoyed? This is not normal. Surely you have a resolution or update by now.

You can’t just tell people scammers got you or you blocked the account for security and just leave people hanging. This is definitely not right.

You don’t even at the very least update your customers during the waiting process. I have never experienced this in my life.

Your CEO Pavel never response to his customers or users. What does this say about Wirex.

Very disappointed!


Got same problem gone 11 dayes whit out response will give them 1 week more then I gone take legal actions to get my money back

Can you let me know how it goes as I already filed a complaint to the financial ombudsman and got a case reference

Hello, I also have this problem, From 2 weeks and a few days they block my account and they only say that I need to wait.
They only lie, but they don’t say the truth to the people.
Something strange is going on …

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Write to financial ombudsman as Wirex is registered in UK

And the CEO is registered in company house as a director

They must explain what’s going on eventually and we need to warn people

They could possibly be in financial problems


Ok. I will do that

Day 12 whit no response at all from support team only from the people on this forum starting to get really mad they ruined my vacation something is werd whit Wirex 100% gone give it a few dayes then it’s legal action time Wirex don’t understand just a few can take down there company so should sort those matters fast ifent they are stealing people’s money

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Yes, it’s a shame. They could have been a good company but the lack of transparency and customer service is the worst I ever experience. They just don’t care. Coming to two months for me now. Account blocked and no excess to my funds, no resolution or explanation.

And they still advertising to open new countries and getting new users. CEO does not respond to his customers. They are registered in the UK and you are right they can lose there license. I know people have written to a programme on BBC. You might see them on tv soon.

The management is so unprofessional to allow this cases to carry on so long. The long run over small amounts of money, I would rather return to customers and give them confidence then having to lose there license in UK. Not the brightest management team.

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Hi there @Micke please can you send me the support ticket number for this?
Thank you

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Hi there @Patlimkh I completely understand the frustration you are feeling during this time. And I know my words are of little comfort as action is what you would prefer to see instead. But I will continue to chase this.

Please know there are no financial problems in regards to Wirex, as you’ve stated above. Certain cases do and will take longer than others. There are protocols, checks to be made and confirmation between departments internally and externally. Some cases will be quicker, while others might not be. However, please know, I will continue my efforts in regards to your issue.

Thank you

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Skickat från min iPhone

Thank you, I am chasing this now with the support team.


Well all I heard whit out any response back from right people

Skickat från min iPhone

My account has the same problem of being blocked.
The actual problem is, they never told me why they blocked explicitly (security reasons), and they never replied me back.

So it could perfectly be a system error, but since there’s no people in customer support, I’m stuck.

All I get is notifications from updated support tickets. What tickets? The ones that I need to check in my blocked account? Catch22.

Come on. We just need an explanation and a solution. Waiting is the worst you can tell any client. It’s better to explain what’s going on, even though it may not accelerate the solution.

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