Blocked account now blocked on Wirex Facebook

Looks like they’ve blocked me on fb messenger to now, after blocking me out of my life savings this is literally day light robbery

Really sorry to hear that, my BTC lost at Wirex would have inflated as BTC is at all time high

You think are btc is off exchange, as long as sane amount returned it’s all good.

Too many accounts blocked to not be returned

Keep the faith

If they return my BTC I will be happy, but it’s been so long. Yes I’m hopeful!

Please where are these crypto statements proving you still have my funds in crypto, just 1 month worth up until present time.

I have asked so many times and you say you will give them but do not, you tell FB live chat that they have been sent to me when they have not.

All things considering I have £40k of crypto with you missing for 3 weeks with no explanation this is such a small thing for you to do to out my mind at ease that it is still there.

Come inWirex this is outrageous treatment of a customer who has used you since your launch.



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some people have lost £100k, myself £40k be grateful that it is only £40 you have had a right result


Hi, I have not even been ask to verify but you did verify me a few weeks before you blocked me, please can you confirm if I am meant to be sending documents as I have had no such request? Where do I send them to if so as I cannot access the account.

Also I am still awaiting an answer if my 4 different crypto is still in crypto and proof of this in statement form for any date period as long as it shows present amount please.

Please help.

Thank you

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Where is the proof of my crypto with the statements you promised, WIREX you are useless and thieves - proof where my crypto is? Why have you not even asked for verification from me? You ignore all my emails, you horrible heartless thieving company

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1.4 btc plus other crypto. Nothing off wirex to even confirm it’s there. Locked out, crypto different to cash, but if you read wirex own terms now they are exempt from any responsibility or insurance for any loss.

Still waiting for them to give me any information.

I’d get the sending bank onto them to recover the money, don’t need much more evidence than trust pilot and this community to show you’ve been robbed

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I have not even had a verification request after 3 weeks, how do I verify with no access to the account? Please update me?

Hello @david_fallon, I completely understand how unhappy you are because of this situation and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Please note that such cases are not processed by the support team directly. Such cases are always processed by our relevant team and I can state for sure that they will contact you once there is an update.


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Please can you withdraw my funds if I supply wallet addresses?

You can then do as you wish with the relevant team and close my account down as I’ll never use wirex again.

I’ve lost so much money through this.

Please confirm and I will supply where they should be sent to.

Kind regards


Hi @david_fallon,

Please be advised that your funds remain untouched and you will be able to withdraw them once there is an update from the relevant team.

Thank you for understanding.

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What about my funds? It’s been over Dix months my account is blocked???

Hello @Patlimkh, I apologize for your experience and understand how disappointing it is.

There are no specific time frames for such cases as the investigation is performed manually by our relevant team and the resolution time always depends on case to case.

I wish I could resolve this for you right away, still, such requests cannot be handled by the support team directly, since it is a sensitive question.

Also, we cannot perform any actions on your account at this moment.

We appreciate your understanding!

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Wirex cannot take so long for a resolution, 6months is really no excuse. There’s so many complaints with the FCA which does not help the crypto community here in the UK. As you must know, HSBC has already stop transactions with crypto.

Why is Wirex so bad, 6 months not being able to lock into my account is really no excuse.No other company will ever do this.

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I did not get one response from your relevant team in 6months.

Stop this lies, there is no relevant team. Wirex lost my assets. That’s what I reported to the FCA. And will warn as many people not to use Wirex especially in hard times like that as there funds are not insured.

Wirex should not be in business, this is the best time in Crypto and you guys are losing this run by having so bad service. Hundreds have lost there money in Wirex.

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still waiting for these statements?

Hello David,

I have escalated your request to our Support Team. They will update you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.

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