Blocked for no reason


Today while trying to pay for groceries like I do almost every day I was told by the cashier that my card was declined. When I tried to log in to my Wirex app it said my account was locked and I needed to contact support.

Please tell me what I did wrong? I still have over 2000 EUR on my balance. How do I get access to my funds?

Where are u based? How did your euro got into the wallet? Crypto or from another card?

Based in Estonia. I think I didn’t have enough EUR balance in my card so it took from the ETH balance I had. I hope this is just a dumb glitch.

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Pls sir create a request here.

How? Where? I’ve emailed their support… and made a thread. What else can I do?


I understand sir "

Here sir :

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Dear @fffrank, we are sincerely sorry for this situation. Our Support team has replied to your ticket, please check this out. Regards!

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It’s wrong to think other people did things wrong and are blocked that way.
The most of them didn’t anything wrong or didn’t any mistake. Join the club.
I was blocked for 8.5 months without a reasonably answer. I think 1 of the teams who handle this is a team who doesn’t understand their own rules very good.
But don’t worry they always give your money back… The full sum.
That way Wirex is very honest.

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Just like everyone I got the following response:

Thank you for contacting Wirex Support!

From time to time, we are obliged to conduct necessary internal checks on our users’ accounts and their activity due to the regulatory requirements.

Therefore, your account was temporarily suspended to prevent any transactional activity and we will make sure to update you with further details once we receive them from the relevant department.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

It’s funny because it always goes down like this in the end with these random debit card providers. If you’re reading this and haven’t yet ordered the card, don’t bother. It might be fine for a while, but it always ends the same way.

@ffrank, I am the other Frank who mistakenly thought you were some one else !
I strongly suggest for the sake of your peace of mind to do your best to be patient!
I nearly drove my self nuts bugging the moderators and Super Ambassadors most of whom do so in their own time and with no financial gain ! I know this is distressing but we must bide our time !
In my case I have found good reason for being locked out of my account and that was my nievetey about cyber security and for both Wirex and my selfs safety I was locked out !
Now believe me when I say this!
But when I was initially locked out I was made destitute but I was just forced to just get on with my life and monitor my situation ! Trust me it’s just alot easier doing this than wailing at the wall !
Besides when you invest in currency exchange especially cryptocurrency the odds are only just a little better than playing the poker machines !
I wish you the best of luck anyways!
Post script
please don’t think that I am applying blame on your self. I’m just using my own experience as an example of what may or may not happened! I suggest that you refer to the agreement which we all have to abide by! This is an example that they resurve the right to permanently reserved the right to temporarily or permanently close an account for sercurity reason with out the need to warn or disclose the reason why!
Please take in mind that was not a direct quotation of the regs but just an interpretation of the regs by me !
Believe I was extremely depressed before I saw a shrink about the entire situation! Untill I followed a link posted for someone earlier today !
It still sucks ! But there is not much use in being angry about it!
Take care and good luck
The other Frank!

@fffrank @6355, we truly hope that your cases will be resolved as soon as possible and we will be doing our best to speed up the process of its investigation. In case you have any questions, we are always at your assistance. Regards!


Happened to me too… it took weeks to have my account back … no apparent reason … … I like wirex but this “blocking account” without any reason is preventing me (and to many others…) to use wirex with big funds. When wirex close/block account you are left in dust … no reasons … no emails telling you the account is goiing to be closed and let you withdraw funds … nothing … and what about this “we can’t disclose why” ??? WTF where are we? In Middle Ages with Holy Inquisition??? no explanation, no possibility of defending ourself … we just became simply hostage with no rights … I repeat, I like wirex but I really can’t trust it too much so I use only very small funds now


Sadly Wirex for (UK) customers is now finished. I had transferred all assets as soon as regulator stepped in, so glad I got rid of wxt tokens and only left a peppercorn deposit of 6 pounds; customer support couldn’t even send that to a UK account. Blockfi and Celsius products etc are now better. Had high hopes once for Wirex…


Me to, really use to like Wirex and recommended loads of people, but my account been blocked for more then a year.

So I now warn others about Wirex and how your funds coul


Hi @9808us! We are doing everything possible to make sure that the users’ personal information and the funds are safe. For this reason such reviews are necessary. We see on our side that your account has been unlocked and is active at the moment.

Kind regards!

We are terribly sorry for all the inconveniences you have faced with. We totally understand your frustration and dissatisfaction. Please, provide us with the ticket number so that we can escalate your case further. Best regards!

Hi @Patlimkh! The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!r

I have to admit that though I now understand fully why you have this policy ! It’s the not knowing that made me very unreasonable and there is only so much your moderators and Super Ambassadors Can do and they are the poor souls who has to face all the abuse and malcontent I am feeling especially sorry for them!

Dear@natalia I have done everything thing I can think of to boost my security! I have done by best to reply to any and all requests and questions! Is there any way you or one of your colleagues can expedite the unlocking of my account please ?
I am doing my best not to freak out! But I am not even receiving any replies or conformation of of recipe of my replies it is starting to feel very lonely now all I want to do is continue trying to trade ! I never use money I can not afford to lose until I got frozen out my account and if I don’t know what I have done wrong how do I fix it or prevent it happening again! Yours sincerely Francis Flynn Gannon?

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