Blocked for no reason

10 months for me

same here.

Hello @maeserati99, as far as we can see, our agent has already contacted you regarding this matter. Unfortunately, we have no additional information since your closed account is not accessible for us. Regards!

It’s hard for me to understand the logic behind it.
But I hope you can get the authorisation from Wirex and Contis can unblock your card.
10 months is a long, long time.
But we have to hope for the best :slight_smile:

I still have some confidence in Wirex and we will get ours accounts back one day.
but 10 months, it’s totally wild.

Why do you not understand? Wirex have done this to thousands of accounts which is why they had their UK licence suspended by the FCA.

Today i was shopping for croceries like usual and got card declined error. Tried to log in wirex app, it said account blocked. I don’t understand what I did wrong? I have over 2000 eur on there. It’s gone for good?

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Hi There @fffrank

Im so sorry to hear that sir.
I suggest you to create a request here , and hoping for faster resolve.

Regards Stay Safe.

I’m concerned about this ffrank person I think that there’s a mistake with identity My name is Francis Flynn Gannon and the only time that ffrank name was a typo in the PayPal app account ! Can someone please make that we are not getting confused with each other of my identity has been stolen? I am only Frank to a small amount of people in the Wirex community!
No wonder my account has been locked!

I just picked my username randomly like a few hours ago when I signed up here. It’s definitely not my fault you are also blocked sir.

No I am not holding you responsible I was just concerned because I made a typo not to long ago on PayPal with that very misspelling Of my name the very same day that I got hacked and the next day or so I was locked out of my account!
The coincidence kind of shook me a bit that is all!
I apologize for what I wrote !
In hindsight I should have frased my statement in a different way !
I am most apologetic towards you and I hope you can forgive my rudeness towards you!

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All good. Sorry to hear you’re going through this. I feel like it’s a common occurrence here after reading some of the older threads. Definitely wouldn’t want to continue using this service as it is now.

Just got my account randomly blocked too. Didn’t know it was happening on such a large scale.

Hi @fffrank !

That’s very unfortunate to hear, have you had any explanation why? Please contact the customer support ASAP if you haven’t had already. Wish your account a speedy recovery!


Best regards :sun_with_face:

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No explanation and judging from other peoples experiences I doubt I ever will hear anything from them. Yes, I’ve contacted them. I’m going to consult with my lawyer on monday whether the 2k I lost is worth it or not…


Today while trying to pay for groceries like I do almost every day I was told by the cashier that my card was declined. When I tried to log in to my Wirex app it said my account was locked and I needed to contact support.

Please tell me what I did wrong? I still have over 2000 EUR on my balance. How do I get access to my funds?

Where are u based? How did your euro got into the wallet? Crypto or from another card?

Based in Estonia. I think I didn’t have enough EUR balance in my card so it took from the ETH balance I had. I hope this is just a dumb glitch.

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Pls sir create a request here.

How? Where? I’ve emailed their support… and made a thread. What else can I do?


I understand sir "

Here sir :

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