Bogus duplicate transaction

Hi there, I noticed at the start of the week that a bogus duplicate transaction appeared on Sat morning, replicating a card payment that I had done on Fri evening. This bogus transaction resulted in my GBP account being >£2000 in the red. The transaction was not instigated by me, and of course there was no SMS authorisation from me, unlike the genuine transaction.

The Bogus transaction was for the same amount and to the same recipient. However the recipient did not receive the money. So to me it looks like Wirex systems somehow create 1/2 of a transaction entirely on its own, some 14 hrs after the original transaction, and allowed the transaction even though there was no money in my account.

I’ve contacted wirex by chat, and was told a support ticket had been raised. I received an email saying a ticket would be assigned, ticket number 315561. There has been no further update of this issue. My account is still over £2000 in the red, meaning I can not use it.

Can this get looked at and escalated ?


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