Business account verification / activation

There is any time estimation for business account verification / activation ? I have completed the form about 2 weeks ago without any answer or follow up email.


Hello @webdesign, please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response.

Could you please provide the reference # of the support ticket so that we could look into this for you?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Kateryna_Wirex, after I’ve completed the attached form I didn’t get any email confirmation.

. That form appear when click on “Sign up now” on
/business/wirex-business .
Now I’ve seen the “Open an account today” button on top right and followed those steps but I don’t understand if the created account is for personal or business.

Dear @webdesign, thank you for your response.

Let me kindly ask you to submit a request following this link:

Please, use the email linked to your Wirex account. I will be able to escalate the case for you.

Thank you!

#1700775 is my support ticket number. Thank you!

Hi @webdesign, thank you for escalating your request.

I have just escalated it to our relevant team. They will check the current status of your case and will update you shortly.

Best regards!

Thank you! After 5 days I still have no official answer. In case your company can’t help me please let me know so I could find another alternative.

Hi @webdesign, I have checked your case and I can see that the response was sent to you on the 23tf of October by support agent Inna.

Could you please double-check and let me know if you have not received a reply?

Best regards.

Hello, I’ve checked both my emails, even in spam ( the business one that I’ve sent the request and this one registered on this forum). On 23 Oct. I only have just some verification emails from the moment the app was installed, nothing from support.
Best regards,

The fees on business account are the ones in this pdf /Wirex_Business_-_Services_and_Fees.pdf ? So the business account does not have the same fees as the personal account and they start from 20 dolars / month ? Sorry but the website is not very straight forward in terms of transparency at least on the business section.

Good night.

Can you help me solve my problem please? My Wirex card was verified eight months ago and does not allow me to exchange the “cryptocurrency” bts for euros. I have some urgency, please :pray: :pray:

Can you help me?

My ticket is


Hi @Zac_Kinggram,

Please be advised that the relevant team is looking into your case. We will contact you once there is an update. Thank you for understanding!

I am grateful that you can help me solve this problem as soon as possible as I need this money for health reasons and I have to have that money to add to the rest to pay the hospital in 3 days. It is exactly urgent :pray::pray:

Hi @Zac_Kinggram,

Please let me assure you that the issue has not been forgotten and the relevant team is currently working on it. We will let you know once receive an update from them. Thank you for understanding!

Thanks :pray::pray:
I am grateful that you can help me urgently since 3 is a very important problem and if it is solved these days for me to be able to make the payment it was very good.
They are saving a life

A domingo, 13 de dez de 2020, 14:04, Inna via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> escreveu:

My ticket

Good evening.
I would like to know what the solution to my problem will be, this is an unacceptable situation, are you playing with your customers or working? This floor will lose customers.
My problem prevails for eight months, nobody does anything and nobody wants to know.
I demand that you resolve this issue quickly. Account verification eight months ago? It should be fun.
If you don't do anything in 24 hours, I will share on my Instagram and Facebook the terrible work you do, I have over 100,000 followers, mainly in Portugal and London, I will share my complaint and ask to share it, many of my followers have more followers than me.
I am outraged and feel wronged.
My rent is due and if I don't pay I will be evicted, it will be your fault for not being able to use my card for never verifying it

A domingo, 13 de dez de 2020, 14:41, José Teodoro <> escreveu:

Hi @Zac_Kinggram,

I have sent a request to the verification team to check your case. They will update you via the support ticket shortly. Regards!

Good afternoon.
This is the same information you gave me the last time, and every time I tried to get your help.
I want to know when my verification problem will be resolved. As I have three days to pay the rent on my house, I need to see this problem resolved in 48 hours or I will proceed with the disclosure of everything that happened in the last eight months without anyone being responsible for my problem. As a customer I am very dissatisfied, and with my 100,000 followers on Instagram in London and Portugal I will make it reach the media, and that all my followers with more followers than I share and ask to share too.
I cannot be at risk because you do not solve my problem that has been prevalent for over eight months.
I intend to see this problem resolved in 48 hours, if I am evicted from my home I will have nothing to lose.


A quinta, 17 de dez de 2020, 11:45, Inna via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> escreveu:

Hello @Zac_Kinggram,

I totally understand your frustration, however, at this point, we are waiting for a reply from the relevant team. Please rest assured, we’ve done everything from our side in order to speed up the process. I understand, that you waiting for a solution a really long time, but I kindly ask you for some additional patience.

Best Regards!

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Good afternoon.
I would be very grateful if they had a quick contact with you, as I said I rented the house and my money is blocked because there is no simple card verification. I have already sent all the requested documents several times. I think it is enough.
As I mentioned in other previous emails, if you do nothing in the next 24 to 48 hours I will have to take the attitude of making everything public, through Instagram where I have 100,000 followers both in Portugal and in London, mainly, until I reach the media.
Because having to go live on the street for not checking me out is a shame.
I would appreciate that together you could find a solution to my EIGHT MONTH problem.

A sexta, 18 de dez de 2020, 13:43, Anastasiia via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> escreveu: