Business account verification / activation

Hi @Zac_Kinggram,

I have sent a request to check your case to the verification team. They will update you shortly. Regards!

Good morning, I think it’s enough of me being calm and patient, it’s already an abuse on your part, nine months to solve a simple verification question is already the team’s incompetence in solving a problem, customers shouldn’t be subject to a wait of these without being compensated, therefore or until the 29th of December 2020 they resolve this issue so that I can pay my monthly expenses that are all overdue or I will have to ask for compensation from you.
As I said, I will use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about what you have been doing to me for the whole world for nine months, on Instagram alone there are more than 100,000 followers living in the United Kingdom and Portugal, I easily make it reach the media and let the TV’s run and if I go to live on the street for not paying the rent because of you “for not doing a check” I’m sure I can claim compensation without any problem.

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Hi @Zac_Kinggram,

I have sent a follow up to the relevant team. They will update you shortly. Sorry for the delay.

Good afternoon.
The problem is that they always tell me the same thing and never give me a due date for verification. You should at least give your customers a date to resolve the issue in question, as waiting NINE MONTHS and waiting indefinitely for verification to complete is absurd.
Now tell me how will you make up for the waiting time? If in the process you say it takes up to 24 HOURS, HOW MUCH CAN NINE MONTHS LAST? I am grateful that someone competent in the team in question gives me a quick solution to my problem, which is ridiculous, I have until December 29, 2020, that is, until tomorrow to pay my expenses, and I can’t pay because you don’t let me use my money.
How will they solve my problem until tomorrow ??? I have all the bills to pay until tomorrow, I pay the rent on the house or I will be evicted, it is the last payment date I was given, I have water and all the services to pay which also ends tomorrow. If they don’t pay what I do with my life? Will I live under the bridge and be in debt?
I am grateful that a superior solves this problem. Tomorrow is the last payment date or I will be left with nothing, will you be responsible for this?

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Dear @Zac_Kinggram,

Let me kindly inform you that the request is still being processed by our relevant team and we will update you shortly once it is done.

We apologize for the delayed processing of your case.

Good morning, will you tell me when the verification will be finished? Nine months to complete a check that should be quick? For 16 weeks, every day I try to get an answer on how to solve the problem and they tell me to wait.
How much longer will I have to wait? Isn’t there anyone who does the work and has respect for customers?
The ticket is 1422874

What will be the answer this time? Aren’t 9 months of waiting enough?


José Teodoro

A terça, 29 de dez de 2020, 09:53, Anastasiia via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> escreveu:

Boa tarde.
Visto que não dão resposta ao meu pedido que predura a nove meses arranjem outra solução pois está a ser ridículo tantos e tantos meses de espera por uma verificação de conta.
Digam o que se passa, o que possa estar mal para eu poder ter uma ideia, estou frustrado por ter de esperar nove meses por mexer no dinheiro que é meu e vocês não fazem uma simples verificação.
Qual vai ser a solução?
Chega que me peçam que tenha paciência por favor, nove meses tive muita paciência.
Preciso de uma solução.

A quinta, 31 de dez de 2020, 03:54, José Teodoro <> escreveu:

Hello @Zac_Kinggram,

I totally understand your frustration, however, at this point, we’re waiting for a reply from the relevant team. Please rest assured, we’ve done everything from our side in order to speed up the process.


Preciso de saber para quando será isso. Tenho a minha vida parada, as minhas poupanças estão todas na conta. Preciso que me diga quando estará tudo resolvido, visto que é apenas uma simples verificação de conta

A quinta, 31 de dez de 2020, 16:45, Anastasiia via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> escreveu:

Boa noite
Venho por este meio informar que se não fizerem nada para tratar do meu caso que perdura à nove meses sem que nada seja feito, uma simples verificação… É extremamente ridículo. Sempre com a mesma resposta de esperar etc etc.
Segunda feira dia 4 de Janeiro de 2021 se não tiverem o meu caso resolvido irei avançar com a minha queixa crime contra vocês com o meu Provedor de Justiça que tenho em Portugal “Lisboa” e outro em Liverpool, através do mesmo para avançar com a queixa de vocês nada fazerem para resolver o meu problema. Vocês não têm respeito pelos vossos clientes, o que é uma pena e deveria ser uma vergonha para vocês. Vou levar o caso a imprensa, todos os canais mais vistos em ambos os países, Portugal e Londres, para todos verem o que vocês fazem aos vossos clientes.

A quinta, 31 de dez de 2020, 19:27, José Teodoro <> escreveu:

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Hello @Zac_Kinggram, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an exact timeframe since we have not received it from the relevant team. We keep checking with them regarding the status of your request and will let you know once we have any news.


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My ticket

Good evening.
I would like to know what the solution to my problem will be, this is an unacceptable situation, are you playing with your customers or working? This floor will lose customers.
My problem prevails for eight months, nobody does anything and nobody wants to know.
I demand that you resolve this issue quickly. Account verification eight months ago? It should be fun.
If you don’t do anything in 24 hours, I will share on my Instagram and Facebook the terrible work you do, I have over 100,000 followers, mainly in Portugal and London, I will share my complaint and ask to share it, many of my followers have more followers than me.
I am outraged and feel wronged.
My rent is due and if I don’t pay I will be evicted, it will be your fault for not being able to use my card for never verifying it


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Boa tarde.
Meu tíquete é o 1422874

A resposta que recebo do suporte é sempre a mesma.
Esperar e paciência. Mas isto vai durar mais quanto tempo?
Estou a espera há que resolvam o meu problema desde Maio de 2020. Basicamente 9 meses.
Vão ficar a gozar com a minha cara até quando?
Exijo que revejam. O meu caso, tenho as contas para pagar em atraso há quase dois meses, daqui a pouco estou a viver na rua e vocês parece que estão pouco preocupados com os clientes, eu não fiz nada para estar a passar por estes problemas, vocês demoram 24horas a verificar uma conta e a mim está a demorar NOVE MESES PORQUÊ?
Quero o meu cado resolvido rapidamente se faz favor.

Manuel Martins Teodoro

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Dear @Zac_Kinggram,

Please let me assure you that the issue has not been forgotten and the relevant team is currently working on it. We will let you know once receive an update from them.


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Perhaps you’ll be able to help me. I have serious concerns about my
business account.

I received an email on Jan 18 saying to transfer the funds because the
business account will be closed soon. (They will shut down Wirex
Business beta version).
I am not able to access my personal business account because it has
been blocked. Wirex asked me to provide some documents which I did 3
months ago. Nevertheless, I haven’t received any confirmation if the
documents were suitable. Eventually, the account got blocked. I am not
able to access it.

I tried contacting customer service more than a week ago, they ignored
all of my requests. All of the phone numbers on their official website
are incorrect. It wouldn’t be an issue, but I’ve got money on my
business account. I’d like to get it back. Otherwise, I’ll treat it as
a fraud… Would you be able to resolve the issue? I am ready to
provide any documents needed to resolve it. I’ve been using Wirex
services for a year and everything was fine.

Details of my business account:

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi @Giedrius,

I have just sent you a reply via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Sorry for the delay.

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Hello @Inna_Wirex

Thanks for your email here!!! I just checked and found your (wirex)
email in the spam folder in Gmail, I right now did reply to your



Hello @Zac_Kinggram, thank you for taking the time writing to us.

We had to remove your post as it contained your personal information, please note that the community forum is a public page and this is not secure to post your personal details in the topic.

I’ve just escalated your request. Our Support Team will contact you shortly via support ticket #133893.

Thank you in advance!