Buy Bitcoin Instantly with Wirex!


Are you struggling to find a convenient way to instantly Buy bitcoin with your local bank card?

Well Wirex is here to help!

Today we will be going live with a Buy Bitcoin instantly feature on our application!

You heard it here first; but for more information please check out our blog for more information:


Check out my tutorial!


Your tutorial is very clear and easy to understand, thanks a lot!:+1:


All very well wirex but what is going on with the missing money from accounts…

I am sick to death of arguing with this aleksandra over support message I have sent over 50 so far.
She is rude and 100% denies there is anything wrong with the app… there is… I have transactions that failed yet they were debited from my account balance.

I am on the verge of asking my solicitor to take legal action in the small claims court unless I am given answers and my refunds I am dew… not only this when my funds were loaded back for one refund WIREX converted them to BTC when THEY felt like it… That was not your place to choose when my funds were converted back to BTC I lost money and BTC now dew to this…

If I have no answers by Friday the 19th I will be asking my solicitor to take action against wirex and its partners. There is no excuse anymore…

angry customer…


Which is the price of Bitcoin when you buy it from the app? The market price at that moment?


Around that, wirex’s rate is 2-3% above the preev rate. If you were to look at any other company they charge at least 5-10%(eg coinbase is ~10%)


Bought £2000 worth of ripple and haven’t received any cryptocurrency to my account. Normally in the past its been instantly but it’s been a few hours now and starting to get a little concerned…


Re: buying Bitcoin. The app only allows to buy with USD, at least that’s how the cost of BTC is calculated in the app. I fund my account wit euros. Will the conversion result in additional fees?