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The Wirex Wallet is located within the Wirex ecosystem, but operates outside of the Wirex app. Unlike the Wirex app, it offers non-custodial crypto storage, as well as direct access to popular DeFi platforms and protocols.

You already know about how Utorg and the Wirex Wallet make buying your favourite tokens a breeze.

Well, in case you missed this exciting news - even more blockchains are now supported! That means you can buy any number of digital assets directly from multiple different blockchains using Utorg’s innovative on-ramp functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the new additions in-app now!

How to transfer funds from the Wirex app to the Wirex Wallet

Can you believe that the Wirex Wallet only launched in December 2021?

Despite being relatively new on the scene, it’s already opened up the world of DeFi for thousands of people around the globe. In case you’re thinking of joining them, we’ve put together a guide to sending funds between your Wirex app and the Wirex wallet.

  1. Open your Wirex Wallet and select Receive from the Actions menu

  2. Choose which blockchain you wish to receive funds to and copy the blockchain address. Remember: you can only send tokens like-for-like and across the appropriate blockchain, e.g. ETH → ETH on the Ethereum blockchain

  3. Open the Wirex app and select the currency account you want to send funds from. Select Send from the actions at the bottom of the screen

  4. Paste the blockchain address you copied earlier and select which blockchain you wish to use. As we mentioned before, make sure you choose the same blockchain you wish to receive funds on. So, if you’re sending ETH to an ETH address, select the Ethereum blockchain. Tap Submit and then Confirm .

  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer and tap Pay . When prompted, enter the confirmation code sent to you by SMS

And you’re done!

It’s as simple as that. Why not download the Wirex Wallet now and have a go yourself?

*Please note when setting up and using the Wirex Wallet, you will be prompted to check and accept the User Agreement & Privacy Policy. These may differ from the conditions you have already accepted from your existing Wirex account. To view the Wirex Wallet Terms, please visit: Wirex Wallet | Terms and Conditions

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