BYE! I had a great time with Wirex for a short time

Bye guys. Protect your funds. One day u can’t even withdraw it and you’ll found out it’s locked.

Hi @kiraulo21 :wave:

I am sincerely sorry that your account is closed. Indeed, Wirex may not give the reason for closing an account for security reasons. In any case, you should not worry if funds were available in your account because Wirex will pay them to you by bank transfer as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding!

Yikes! Shldn’t customers be informed the reason for withholding/freeezing of funds? Otherwise, how to provide evidence to the contrary?

If true, other customers are not worried. But, so far all I read in forum is funds frozen and withheld. How long does it takes for funds to be returned/released?

Asking as in a similar situation. Reported unauthorised transactions on my card from a shady merchant, whom I’ve not transacted before for abt $159.80 (39.95×4) and for a multiple charges from 1 authorised merchant. Now my card is block with both fiat and crypto funds in it.

Hi @Cryptos2Me Please can you send me your support ticket reference number so I can flag for you with the support team? Thank you

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My support tickets are as follow;


Issues ranging from unauthorised transactions to multiple charges by 1 merchant to permanently blocking unauthorised/dubious merchant so same issues don’t crop up in future and issuing of new card credentials as current one’s were compromised.

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@moderators hope your concern bro will fix asap.